cp maps

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  1. ItsOnlyMilky

    CP_Orbit A13a

    *Please ping me on Discord to ask if I'm available before testing* Orbit is a CP map focused on a complex, round facility with multiple floors. Start at the core and work your way uphill to win! Want to go uphill? Run clockwise. The first point for both teams is the Core, which takes up the...
  2. Salt and Fries

    Stack 2018-04-19

    CP STACK Created by Salt and Fries - This is my second map that I've made. - This Map is currently is development and I would love any feedback from anyone to how I can Improve this map. - The Concept of this map was to have consecutive points that were above one another, and so I threw them...
  3. TheUserJason

    Defener A12

    Hello This is a Reupload because the other one before was in the wrong category so i think im in the right category and this above are the screenshots