cp map

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  1. goofster

    Coalpile s1 a1a

  2. Plainz

    Gates don't open during "waiting for players"

    cp map. I can't find any information anywhere how to make them open during that phase
  3. Tang

    Kilauea S1 a1v2

    Stage I of "Kilauea", set on the idyllic shores of the Big Island of Hawai'i.
  4. Dupiter

    Pascal A1

    Pascal is an in-dev map set in a """top secret""" underwater facility. Of course, right now it looks nothing like that, but hey, that's what the development phase is for.
  5. Trooffe

    Medieval Clashfort a1

    Well it was long time making and designing good medieval map, but i think I done the best what I could. Photos will be added later, because i am using shitty config lol
  6. Agent Braise - SWG

    Uptrend a9

    My first serious try at an A/D map, and I thought I should finally upload another map here to have it tested. The map height trends upwards from point A to point C. Single stage map. 3 points.
  7. Zepavil

    cp_tumbledown a6

    Tumbledown is a map set in the forgotten husk of a town that was once being built in the badlands. Stuck in a state of mid-construction, battle for this once ambitious project and all the leftover land that has remained untouched.
  8. olikat

    Kennecott A5

    My submission to the Rule of Three's Contest (both minor and major if possible). Kennecott is a gravel-pit style map whose location is inspired by the abandoned Kennecott mines in Alaska. I'd like to think the map is a unique take on the pyramid CP style, and hopefully proves itself enjoyable...
  9. Tang

    cp_affront a10v4

    A map set in a business front for something sinister!
  10. Headit

    Cargo a4

  11. Scary-Jello

    cp_dustward_park A7

    (Note: name is not final and is obviously terrible, but I suck at names quite frankly so for now this will, hopefully, do.) A single stage 3cp attack defend map, with points A and B being out in the open, and point C being in a more constrained yet sprawling indoor area. While there's...
  12. Waugh101

    Grande A3i

    I'll add more here with later versions.
  13. vetris

    cp_possess v3.1

    A halloween-ified version of cp_process. Not intended for anything serious, just thought I'd challenge myself and spook-ify some maps! I present to you... cp_possess! My 2nd map... and counting!
  14. DrDapper

    3cp_chemicalzone a2-2

    here's my 72hr entry for 2020
  15. Owli

    Multi Stage cp_graveldust s1_a1

    This is me trying out Attack/Defence and multi-stage.
  16. waterpark37

    control points not working

    I have a 3 cp map. i go in blue team and capture the middle piunt, unlocking the final one. i capture that, but the game keeps going. It doesnt say "victory" i just keep going and the opposing team is able to cap thier points back. i want to know how to make it so i win when i cap all points.
  17. Dr.Pootis

    Temple v0.2

    A spiraling desert themed map in the late afternoon.
  18. Off My Meds

    powerhouse_event h1r

    *Disclaimer: This is my first upload to TF2Maps, so if something has gone horribly wrong, let me know and Ill try to correct it* Its been a few years since I have made significant updates to this project but I'm looking to dig back into it this year and would love to get feedback...
  19. the devious potato

    cp_deathpit a1

    I hope this is good I love the last point
  20. Zeropalooba

    Brokenbarn | CP 2020-04-19

    Brokenbarn | CP: I've been working on this map for quite a while, but never got around to finishing it. With all the spare time lately I decided to get it done. Brokenbarn is an open CP map with 3 different points. One on a shipping yard, the other in a cave and the final one in a huge broken...