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  1. TheFluffycart

    ctf_thefluffycart_mc24_a1 a1a

    Part of the MC24 (Two WIshes) contest, this map was made in 16 hours in accordance to two requests made by a user. Below are all the requests, and the ones that were completed: A/D - X Has a train hazard - ✓ Must contain a certain prop (Check Image for list) - ✓ (Technically it's there) CTF - ✓...
  2. Sonoma

    cowcitdel2008 rc3

    A payload map for Microcontest #21 I wanted to create an authentic 2008 fpsbanana tf2 map
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    cow_gorge a1b

    Its gorge but in the cow gamemode where blu must shoot the behinds of cows to progress
  4. Cyberen

    Pig Prop 2022-02-04

    This is my pig! Collision included! Explanation below:
  5. zythe_

    muskox v2 a1

    a remake of cp_muskox, hopefully better this time...
  6. Yaki

    Cow001 Cutout Mirrored/Collisions Utter Final

    The cow cutout prop from ctf_2fort. Comes with the stock one with collisions and a mirrored one (also with collisions). Found in directory models\props_2fort Place in your custom folder under /tf/. Models include: cow001_reference_phys cow001_reference_phys_mirrored No credit needed. (but...
  7. Lo-fi Longcat

    Voxel Cow 2020-09-04

    Voxel Cow
  8. TheFluffycart

    KoTH Stationed (Final Entry) rc1

    KoTH Stationed is my final entry for the 72 hour Challenge! After a lot of hard work, the map has been finished, and I honestly feel really proud of this map, and think it's my best as of yet (Since I'm new). Anywho, the one thing I'm gonna say is that I managed to include a secret room (as seen...
  9. Startacker!

    The Cow Final

    I built the cow. Thanks for the assistance from my dad and my brother moo
  10. HOI

    HOI Dev and Cow Textures b1

    The zip file contains a materials folder which contains folders hoi_dev_128 and hoi_moo, allowing you to install one or both of the sets of textures. Just copy the desired folder(s) to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\materials These textures are used in...
  11. HOI

    jump_moo final

    24 jumps 2 bonuses Easy tier 2
  12. HOI

    jump_cow FINAL

    Easy cow themed soldier jump map 2 courses 3 bonuses