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  1. Scr1tchy

    TF2 wont open after compiling

    I'm new to map making and I've just created my first one but I've run into a wall. Any time I decide to run my map it brings up the grey background screen of TF2 and closes out without going further. Ive checked for leaks which there are none and have been around several threads but I can't...
  2. Mrperson(ita)

    if i compile a hammer map without launching tf2 how do i load the map?

    I have to say i just started creating maps today and of course i ran into a problem. i have created a simple box with a spawn point inside. when i try to run the map the compiler opens tf2 but then closes it. i tought that running the map without opening tf2 would erase the problem but I don't...
  3. +200 pings

    long compile

    can anyone tell me how to reduce my compile time? everytime i compile my map it always stop on portal (6) i waited about 2 hour and it still 6
  4. beute^

    My Map is in Fullbright ?

    Im making a Frontline! Payload version of ctf_2fort.I added just the Traintracks right now, but when i compile my map it is in Fullbright and the spawn door has a distorted wooden like texture. I dont have any idea how to fix this. I searched around the internet but found nothing. I think it is...
  5. Grubzer

    About hammer, compiling, and RAM.

    I installed more RAM on my computer. (Before - 4gb, now - 12 gb), but hammer compiler (vvis vrad and vbsp all together) still using 4 gb of RAM. How do i let them use more of RAM? Is there any limits?
  6. Phidio

    Map won't compile need help

    Hey guys, I just made my first map, I worked on it for 2 weeks now. I ran the map for tests while I made it, and I set RAD and VIS to "Fast" while I was doing these test runs. Now if I set them to normal, hammer freezes. I read that I should just wait it out. I waited 1 and a half our but the...
  7. MaccyF

    [TUTORIAL] Blender and the Source Engine

    Introduction After numerous requests and questions posed in the group chat (not specifically directed to me), it seems high time that someone took a hold of the situation and created a fully fledged tutorial for modelling for the source engine using Blender. Please note that this tutorial...