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  1. QLAKD-Jif

    Clocktower Pit A3.1

    King of the Hill Map. Still in Alpha until real players playtest it. Tell me what you like about it and tell me what you didn't. Feedback is welcomed!
  2. Clone5184

    clockworks a1

    This is a map that takes place inside a giant clock. Don't play this map to learn about what a clock looks like though. It takes more inspiration from Tick Tock Clock than real life clocks. Features: Swinging pendulums of death! Time your movements accordingly! Moving Gears in the center to...
  3. Illius

    pl_sunsetbaytown A12_A

    [Name Pending] My first map, where BLU pushes a cart alongside and through a sea-side town, complete with Lighthouse and mid-town Clocktower. What is it? A 4 point, Single Stage Payload map traversing through this town. Point A: A quick bend around the road that follows the sea, just before a...