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  1. Rhamkin

    Koth_Icicle (Koth_nucleus event) a1

  2. 1AsianPanda

    A BLU Christmas 2021-12-19

    Here's a poster I made of my 4 most played classes as blu mercs enjoying a nice Christmas together. I chose not to use any cosmetics as I think they just look better with their default look. It's been a while since I last touched sfm, and while I had some problems, I'm really happy at how it...
  3. Brenday

    swilled a2a

  4. Pinewabble

    Wabble's Small Smissmass Pack V1

    I saw that there was quite pitiful amount of xmas props out there, so i decided to make some. Stuff in the pack: Holiday lights w/ 2 corner pieces and 1 straight piece (3 skins) Xmas tree (2skins) Santa's sack intel Gingerbread Mann pickup Wreath 4 different hanging ceiling decorations. (2...
  5. FishyUberMuffin

    What is your favorite Christmas/Holiday Song?

    Since Christmas/Holiday season is coming around this Dismember and to get into the mood for the holidays I want to know what is your favorite Christmas/Holiday Song? My favorite Christmas/Holiday Song is Snow/Heat Miser song from The Year Without A Santa Claus. View...