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  1. averyc1876

    sky_pink_01 2021-09-01

    Pink skybox with stars, part of the hopefully soon-to-be china asset pack. To use, move to "team fortress 2/tf/materials/skybox" and unzip. Skybox name in hammer will be "chinapack_skybox/sky_pink_01". If you want to add to the china pack skyboxes i guess just reupload the zip with both? (idk...
  2. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

    Zhuanguo B9

    Zhuanguo, or 'Brick Country' is my entry for the Connect 5 contest! This map has an interesting layout where the control point it north from the middle, and the winner of the control point spawn close to it while the losers spawn south and must attack from 5 different areas. Made with the...
  3. Flaminglump

    ultiduo_noodle 2017-04-18

    I rushed this map out from beginning to end in the course of a little over one weekend, and while I think I did a good job catching bugs and clipping problems, it would be appreciated if you would report any issues you find to me via the comment section. Who knows. Maybe some day we will play...