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  1. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #6 - Attack / Defense r2

    Hey Everyone! Welcome to my 6th edited nav mesh pack, this time having exclusively Attack/Defense maps. Please know that *ahem* SOME maps have a harder time working with bots than others, so if you wanted to see Steel in here, well... you're outta luck. Still, please enjoy what's here! Nav Mesh...
  2. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #4 - Payload r10

    Hey Everyone! This is a continuation of my nav mesh collection series that actually started at collection #3! Can't you believe it? Anyway, this particular nav mesh is exclusively for Payload and like, 1 or 2 other maps of variants of normal PL. You get the idea. Hope you enjoy!!! Nav Mesh...
  3. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #2 - CatComp HL/6s Season 1 f1

    This is a collection of the nav meshes I generated & edited for both CatComp Sixes Season 1 and CatComp Highlander Season 1. Each map included in both seasons, aside from Process, Lakeside, Badwater Basin, and Upward has a nav mesh included in the file. Nav Mesh Notes: cp_5borge - (No Notes) --...