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  1. Capp

    Zinc a8

    An industrial pd map with a koth layout. Will it work? I hope so because i put one hell of a lot of effort into this.
  2. Capp

    (72hr) Boiler a1

    for the 2021 72hr jam I made an industrial player destruction map with a koth layout to see if the gamemode can function as a regular casual map with no gimmicks. ok maybe one gimmick.

    AustrOil Platform (KOTH) RC3

    This's just an common "King of the hill" map... BUT with a small storyline, where mercenaries fight for the right to own the territory on which australium is mined. By the way, "austroil" is a pun from the word australium and oil. Actually, I also wanted to make a couple of custom...
  4. Superchuck |

    ultiduo_huuuuge 2017-08-06

    Look man, I just want the medal... There are some hidden things because I got bored making this and wanted to spice things up. I love catapults!