capture zone

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  1. pivotman319

    Control Point Hologram Particles Version 1

    Give your Control Point map some additional flair with these nifty little hologram and capture particles, complete with example VMF and BSP sources. Particle list: cp_capturered cp_captureblu cp_captureneutral
  2. Ðoge

    HELP Moving capture zone with 3 positions

    I searched how to do that for quite long already. Func_moveliniar and func_door desn`t work, because they only has 2 positions.
  3. S

    Is it possible to create a irregular shaped capture zone.

    I'm wondering if it is possible to create a capture zone that is in the shape of the following: I have tried to use multiple brushes by copy/paste but that creates many problems such as doubled capture rates and not capturing.