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  1. OctoBlitz

    OctoBlitz OC Cutout pack v2

    The models featured in this pack are cutouts of my OCs; Tak (hollow knight) and Newsie (bug fables) able to be put in any TF2 map! Art done by InkkyScribbles (Tak) and ItsMehRed (Newsie), Modeling done by Goobert
  2. FamyCHoff

    flashlight bug (SOURCE ENGINE 2013 SINGLEPLAYER)

    Hi guys, after compiling I noticed the following problem: when you turn on the flashlight, the map is cut off. Before that, there was a problem, but the usual compilation with the VIS parameter was solved, but this time it did not work. I already tried to gradually disable entities and triggers...
  3. Chaos

    I'm tired of bugs.

    Ok, so I'm getting tired of blindly trying fix these myself. Maybe someone can help me out. Currently I have a couple of problems. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1. Every team spawn entity WON'T FREAKIN WORK. No clear reason why they're broken, but even with the...
  4. FamyCHoff

    How can you fix a texture bug with a model?

    how can you fix this texture bug? "UnlitGeneric" { "$baseTexture" "nature/snowy_treeline001" "$translucent" 1 "%compilepassbullets" 1 "$nodecal" 1 } this is the vmt file of the texture of the trees behind the model.
  5. FamyCHoff

    graphic bug with brush with fog texture

    There was a bug with a brush with a fog texture. If you surrender, a beetle will appear, and if you get closer to a certain distance, it will disappear. How can this error be corrected? p.s. rear if that displacement
  6. Schokohase

    Hammer Editor Crashed, now Bugged

    Hey, I'm new to Tf2 mapping and while making a map Hammer Editor crashed and now all the Textures are gone. Pls send Help.
  7. 80riNG

    Map Crash

    i made a map and when i try change class in spawn to pyro with jetpack my game crash. pls help me.

    Funny Bugs

    Ok, So this thread is used to show funny/strange bugs you've found In the game. Here Are some examples! A strange Arm (this is what happens when you equip the gunslinger, but it somehow keeps the glove texture): And here's what happens when you change disguises too quickly:
  9. H20Gamez

    Redwood B25

    Koth Redwood is my first take on a default gamemode. Detailing is still in progress but the layout will stay around the same. We are currently testing the map on and off with a handfull of NC/AM Players for 6s. The map hasnt been tested for HL yet.
  10. LadyRaee

    Big Picture mode?

    TF2 Launches ins some weird ass Big picture-esque mode, I can't access normal steam overlay, and nothing works with keyboard (and things like fucking exit prompt doesn't even take mouse input). Tried reinstalling that 10 years old shit but to no avail. Edit...
  11. Zizinhu

    TF2 crashes whe i try to run my map

    Hey,before anything else,i'd like to say that i don't speak english very well,so,yeah... As you can see by the title of this,when i try to run a map i made,it crashes my tf2; When i select to compile the map in hammer,it does it normaly,open TF2,freezes for a few seconds,then,when tf2 tries to...
  12. vulduv

    reinstalling tf2 breaks hammer

    i had a glitch with one of my maps. tf2 though i dident haw the acces key. so naturaly i reinstalled tf2. so it could make a new acces key for my maps. but instead of that... hammer refused to start bqs one text file was missing... YEP! not like it could. you know. replace it with a standard...
  13. Erk

    Hey, this title is really generic.

    Hi, my name's Erk, and I've been addicted to making maps in Hammer. I've been doing this for around a month now, and I've made approximately zero maps I am proud of. I think I've got the basics down. I don't get leaks as much, I know how to skip (mostly), and I can utilize props correctly...
  14. DevilsSon [sourceMM]

    Disapearing walls

    I have just registered an account on here and I need help with this problem, recently I have been playing around with hammer and sometimes randomly a wall or floor disappears for no reason, in hammer its there but in game its not, but sometimes its also missing in hammer at the same time I don't...
  15. FrostyHoneyJuicy

    Blur made by the Water

    What's the problem? Every time when I get close to the water, my screen always gets blurred. Sometimes it doesn't, but instead, it shows me something completely disturbing! Here's an example: Click the link for the GIF file: http://i.imgur.com/1MWY13O.gifv Do you have any leaks? Nope. Do...