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  1. Святик Снюсоед

    Old 2fort 1.0

    Anyone remember old 2fort?
  2. KrazyZark

    Briefcase Present V1

    have fun with my present to all of you :D
  3. Mess About

    Board a1

    Egypt theme again, also there're some torches that don't lit, because of the snow (I haven't added it in yet). Overview: Spawn area: Intel in a pit Connecting bridge Middle area
  4. Mikroscopic

    Pizza Bag Intel a2

    Pizza delivery bag custom intel model Model by @Mikroscopic , textures by @fuzzymellow Includes: One team colored flag with red, blue, and neutral skins plus an extra green skin One permanent neutral flag 3 different LODs for each model
  5. Scampi

    3D-Printable Intel Briefcase 2017-08-06

    Take a look at the page for all the details. Basically, I took the model for the intelligence and made it into a cute little desk ornament.
  6. I

    TF2 CTF-Flag outputs that have an event towards its carrier?

    I am wondering if this is possible, but is there a certain way you could do a event relative to the flags carrier or the carriers team, such as giving a speed boost or crits? Thanks.