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  1. StoreMilk

    My mvm bots arn't spawning

    I'm trying to figure out how to get an mvm game working to make mvm maps. I have made a very simple map and have gotten the pop file to load properly and generated a nav mesh, but the bots are not spawning in the game. I have an error in the ingame console that says it cant find the entity...
  2. ivan.

    Killershack A3

    Dumb little recreation of Killer Shack from DBD. (Includes an edited .nav for bots in the download so please don't generate a new nav) Includes other tiles from the game.
  3. Amicdict

    `bot_moveto` doesn't seem to work, but I can't figure out why.

    I've been trying to see if I could get bot_moveto to work, but the puppet bots would only look at the end point of the crosshair, and never actually move there. I remember this command working a year ago or two, but I may be misremembering and this command never worked. I skimmed through...
  4. i_forget_names

    Bots stuck on One-Way Door (solved)

    Hello, I made a CTF map that includes a one way door, but the bots seem to get stuck on the wrong side of the one way door when picking its path. I could not find a thread on valve dev community about this. information: i have not created a navigation mesh myself, i used nav_generate in...
  5. Meruru

    TF bots crashes (nearly) empty maps

    So in my experience TF bots never crash the game, even if objectives and logic are missing. If objectives are missing, they simply stand there, only attacking whenever they see enemies nearby. I was working on a map, when I noticed that the game crashes every time near the start of a round when...
  6. edragonprogab

    Need help for Bot spawning

    Rignt now i whant to make Campain map for myself where when i step on trigger bot will spawn. I look up on youtube and only found tutorials about bots for CSGO. Can someone show me step by step how to make when stepped on trigger spawn bot like soldier or demo.
  7. Asteur

    Map Crashes with Bots

    Hi, everyone. I've recently begun mapping again and I've made a simple KOTH map to test out with bots. When alone, my game has absolutely no issues, I can cap as both teams and win just fine. However, when bots are added, especially more than 10, the game tends to crash. It also crashes...
  8. ThirdEye

    Navigation mesh with bots crashes my game on my map

    One of my maps I am developing has a problem with the bots crashing the game after 5 minutes or so. I have no idea why because on my other map they seem to work fine. Any ideas to why this could be happening? I tried removing custom folder content which did nothing. Thank you!
  9. Main Clitweiner Wolfcl0ck

    Nav_generate only generates navigational mesh for one stage on Payload

    Hello. As the name implies, using nav_generate only gives me a working nav mesh for stage 1 of a 3 stage payload map I am making. Is it necessary for me to manually edit and update the navigational mesh for all 3 stages just in order to get bots to work past the first stage? If so, are there any...
  10. iDouglas

    Bots cause the map to crash.

    So I've been watching UEAKCrash's mapping tutorials and have made the little box map with KOTH logic. Everything works fine and I decided to throw some bots on and mess around in it. The problem is that, if a bot is on the winning team, when the team wins, TF2 just crashes without warning. Don't...
  11. I Darkstar X

    What can bots walk on?

    Hear me out, hear me out. I have no friends (or enemies) to test (to suffer in) my terrible (-ly confusing) maps, so I use bots, and strive to make my maps as bot-friendly as possible. However, I've encountered a wee bit of a snag. I like moving parts in my maps. I like having whole walkways...
  12. youporkchop5

    Compound rc1

    A coop adventure made by me and @Tumbolisu. RED must break into BLU's secret arctic compound to steal their intel and escape by stealing one of their helicopters. But BLU is not going to let them go freely... This map is designed around 4 players, and you will need to enable a couple of...
  13. Gamecube762

    tr_dockyard a1

    UNFINISHED, NOT YET PLAYABLE This is a training map similar to tr_walkway with bots walking along a path. Rather than bots sliding on a conveyor belt, these bots walk on their own to their destination. Since this map is unfinished, it doesn't feature any working bots or anything really. Map...
  14. 0

    Executing commands upon loading the map.

  15. AlbinoMunchkin

    Question About Navmeshes (Green/Purple Vertical Lines in Navmeshes)

    Hello TF2Maps community! A friend of mine decided to make a payload map a while ago and I chose to test it out with bots for 'balance'. I know a bit about how navmeshes work and I know that I shouldn't use bots for testing map balancing and stuff like that, but I enjoy working with bots... so I...
  16. Flaffy


    I want to test how the bots play on my map. But i don't know how to make them move, only how to make them spawn. Do I have to make routes for them or? Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  17. Grubzer

    Bot system 1.0

    You have a map that needs some action, but you have nobody to play with? With new bot system that's not a problem! I introduce to you - Bot system V1.0! In order to use it, follow simple steps to set up bots in your map: *Step 1* Download and paste prefab into your map *Step 2* Determine...
  18. FishyUberMuffin

    Were to Find TF2Maps group chat and queue maps bots

    TF2Maps group chat, queue your map into the bot, talk with people there, and get it tested for feedback after you fix these issues.
  19. ComradeRoffel

    MVM Robots walk from spawn to bomb shaft in a straight line, i want them to go another route

    Between my Robot spawn and the bombshaft i have a path to the right, bots wont go there and instead they will ignore it completely. I have put some func_nav_prefers with team set to blue but they ignore those to. I have then put a simple wall infront of the bomb so that they HAVE to go to the...
  20. Erk

    Difficulty Generating .pop Files

    I decided to start an mvm map for the contest, and I've copied the entities required from the mvm_example.vmf. However when I start the map up, the wave number stays at 0, even though I've copied the mvm_example.pop file and renamed it to my map name. I've used nav_generate, and...