blu team

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  1. No Mother?

    72hr Jam 2022 made way to the blue 2022-07-22

    the red spy from game team fortress 2 sneaked into blue spawn and saw something that no one from red were supost to see
  2. 1AsianPanda

    A BLU Christmas 2021-12-19

    Here's a poster I made of my 4 most played classes as blu mercs enjoying a nice Christmas together. I chose not to use any cosmetics as I think they just look better with their default look. It's been a while since I last touched sfm, and while I had some problems, I'm really happy at how it...
  3. KrazyZark

    Blu manor assets V4

    comes with 8 blu manor props, 4 new textures and 2 new signs! more to come soon!
  4. lolypopmaster11

    help again

    now i have 2 spawn points for each team red as no problem but when i spawn with blu i spawn i the red teams base and get this in console EntSelectSpawnPoint(): No valid spawns for class #TF_Class_Name_Scout on team 3 found, even though at least one spawn entity exists. but the problem is that...
  5. Sphvy

    The Briefcase 2017-08-07

    A 72hr Jam Entry made in Garry's Mod
  6. TheGhostThatWas

    Team-Swapped Maps B3-B7

    Includes altered versions of: Upward Badwater Goldrush Gorge Gravel Pit Dustbowl Used content from TF2Maps: Rocket002 with blue materials by honeymustard BLU Imports of Red Products by Void Crossroads Custom Props by Jonah Red Cart Bomb by killohurtz Additional Letters by Mikroscopic Tank001...
  7. The Fancy Fedora

    72hr Jam 2022 BLU Soldier (TF2Jam entry) 2017-02-10

    Created in like 5 hours for the 'Winter 2017 72 hour TF2Jam' this was originally going to be soldier pointing the shotgun at the camera which would be lower down but I wanted more detail in the background and the side view looked better to me. Picture on my Steam Profile...