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  1. ALIEN31

    [GUIDE][Blender] Displacement Sculpting alternative

    This is an easy way, for people (like me) that don't like or can't sculpt/use 3dsmax (with wallworm), and just want to fix things fast!!! You will need SourceOps, Lassi Vmf Importer (Optional) and Blender 2.8+ in order to use this. 1. Add a plane, and add the Multires modifier. 2. Go to...
  2. Tomma #savetf2

    Dispenser 2022-07-25

    This is a little render i made in blender
  3. FoxTitle

    TF2 Summer Jam. Poster+model 1.0

    Also View: Poster by Model by Vector logo by
  4. Limta Roulence

    Tengen Toppa Team Fortress 0

    Will Team RED succeed in their last battle? <- ( music link ) For those who know: no, i didn't miss anything, i'm just lazy to finish
  5. Walter White

    TF2 x Scarface 2022-07-23

    "The world is yours", but tf2. Made in blender.
  6. vanu122

    Pootis Engage EXTREME parody 2022-07-23

    First animation in Blender View:
  7. Delanz_Unoriginal

    Bonk Commercial 1.22474487139... whatever

    A very simple modern-ish commercial of different Bonk drinks. The whole animation took 12 hours to make from ideas and retexturing to final render. Made in coloboration with Nik Bars, a friend of mine who helped a lot with references and ideas for this submission. Link to youtube version...
  8. ActoniRull

    Electro Spycrab 1

    I have no idea for description... So just #savetf2 made by ActoniRull:
  9. tomix7

    I guess the tractor broke down a1

    Steam profile: A Blender poster for the 72hr Jam, nothing more to say, really.
  10. Veliass

    Merry Smissmas 2021![Blender] 2021-12-20

    Merry Smissmas everybody, here is my Jam entry for this year. Rendered in Blender with Cycles. I imported the model and with some Christmas spirit pain on the texture side (between the masks and all that stuff). A lot of post-processing has been made in Photoshop to hide the fact that the...
  11. ⸸⛧Luzifer⛧⸸

    Ski Backpack (72 hour Jam 2021) 2021-12-18

    The zip file contains the 2 models (ski_red and ski_blu). I imagined that item to be a winter themed backpack. I tested it on a sniper model and I found it fits very well. The zip files contains transparent images of the red and blu logo which you can find on the models and it contains a image...
  12. nekomaster1000

    Blurry textures and backface culling on Blender-exported props

    Hi! I'm very new to TF2 mapping, and in trying to replicate a cross-texture Fungus from Minecraft in Source, for whatever reason Blender exports the model with backface culling and Linear-based textures instead of Closest-based ones (non-blurry nearest-neighbour style) despite me specifically...
  13. BiedroN

    Heavy Remake 2020-09-07

    I've brought some HEAVY stuff right here. Last year pyro got his own refreshment, to be schematic I started working on our probably the most iconic class in the game. Remember that kind of war between pyro and heavy couple of years ago?... you know, about who will receive next big update. Pyro...
  14. The_Gl!tch.exe

    How to create physics collisions for props

    If you have a prop in TF2 where players can walk straight through it even though the "Collisions" parameter is set on "Use VPhysics", it's missing a phy-file which defines the collisions of your prop. In case, here's a guide I've made showing you how to create one...
  15. BiedroN

    [Model] Pyro remake (playermodel) 2019-08-05

    I've decided to remake one of the mercenaries from the game, again. Today is pyro turn. Model has been remeshed and retextured from scratch, giving him a brand-new high detailed look. Model is even playable in the game. You only have to put content to your custom folder. Model have also BLU...
  16. The Bran Man

    just a small little tiny minuscule pyro 2019-08-02

    This is just a quick little model of a pyro I made in Blender. Isn't he cute? I'm gonna be busy the next couple days, and dont have the time to rig and port to SFM, however I am making this model open source! So if you wanna model some fun little hats onto it, port it, or whatever, you can! You...
  17. Yoshark

    How to setup a propper gernerated model for light mapping.

    Models generated by propper from brush work don't support light mapping via prop statics by default. Here is how to use blender (2.79) to fix that. I won't bother covering creating props using propper as that has already been covered. All I care about is that you have a smd created by propper...
  18. BiedroN

    Soldier refreshment. 2018-07-30

    I decided to remake one of the mercenaries from the game. The model has been remeshed and also retextured from zero giving a brand new high detailed looking. Model can be even given to the game and actually playable, but I don't have time to writing some .qc files and stuff! I will not...
  19. Redd

    Low Poly Sniper Rifle 2018-07-30

    Here is my submission for the TF2 Summer Jam! I was nearly out of time to make it, but I was just able to get there.
  20. C

    1866 Yellowboy Rifle V1

    This is an 1866 Yellowboy Winchester lever action rifle. I created it for the 72hr Jam as an intended primary weapon for the engineer, though it could possibly be available to all shotgun wielding classes. I'm currently texturing it, but with only 14 hours left on the clock I find it unlikely...