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  1. Waerom125

    They are always in our hearts

    I decided to redraw the silhouettes of our favorite characters on a piece of paper, as it looks great to me. I don't know if I need proof, but I'll leave them below under the art. I hope you enjoyed my work! =)
  2. Khuntza

    Pitch Black Skybox 1.0

    I whipped this up for someone in Discord last mapping contest and now someone else was looking for the same on Reddit. Uploading incase anyone else needs it and wants a shorcut. What you get is a single small resolution solid black VTF and the required VMT files to use it as a skybox. Skybox...
  3. Inspektor Januška

    My map is black

    Hello, my map is black when i will turn on vrad, what should I do? Screen: Compile log: ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team...
  4. Crrrrrrystal

    [Help] black textured prop in-game

    I'm trying to use some models in my map from the Construction pack, unfortunately one of them seems to be giving me a black texture no matter what. flatbed.mdl, skin 2: I don't think it's a problem with the pack or my use of the pack, because I have another...
  5. Billo

    map completely black.

    i have a weird problem where my map is completely black at least all the textures and stuff but not props. the previous time i compiled and saw my map it worked just fine. i added more stuff like new buildingings or props and when i compiled again i saw the problem. i tried to fix it but hammer...
  6. Da Spud Lord

    Completely Dark Brush Face

    I am having a weird problem. One of my brush faces is appearing as completely black, no matter what, even though all of the other nearby brushes are very well lit. Here's a screenshot in game: Here's a screenshot in Hammer: (The highlighted brush is the one having problems) The weird part is...
  7. Spike Nitros

    72hr the Two-pump terror 2017-02-13

    A double-barrel pump action shotgun! All the disadvantages of both and the benefits of neither in one clean package. Useable by all shotgun classes. Created by Spike Nitros, Thumbnail by Hotrod McCoolguy
  8. Billo

    lighting problem all textures go black.

    i am making a map for a projec i am working on and so far i had no problem with it but somehow when i compiled it today the whole map was black and only the props where ok. i searched the problem but nothing really helped. i tried mat_fullbright 1 too. what should i do?
  9. parkingturtle

    72hr blackgold a7

    Credits: The construction pack for the oil derricks' cables' texture and some props (the two flatbed cars). Fight to control the oil derricks and harvest the black gold which will be stocked in a big glass tube in your warehouse.