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  1. yanderewandere

    72hr Jam 2023 bar 1

    all models (kinda) i used for this: Glass model Fluids for Glass tables and others enhanced spy model
  2. JackHundeswald

    Storm Barge 1

    /!\ This map was made for TFConnect 2022! For contest orgianizers: if the map causes problem while loading... just try again, don't worry about it. DISCLAIMER: no tree models have been decompiled and modified for use on this map. every branch you see is either part of the original, or a brand...
  3. ethosaur

    trade_funtimes 2021-08-05

    A simple trade map with all the essentials to mess around, and hang out together/trade. Made this map a while ago, just uploading all my old maps here, for history sake, and in-case anyone does end up wanting to play or host the map(s)! Includes: -Idling areas -A bar area with custom looping...
  4. Chains-

    Bricktown a6a

    Bricktown is a single-stage Payload map with 4 cap points. This map is a reimagined take of "Bricktown 2020" VRChat World by Roflgator and Sn0wBreeze. Some parts of town are missing/different, but I might add/change them on later updates. -Credits & Special Thanks- Thank you to Roflgator and...
  5. V

    Grunge_Bar 2019-08-06

    Small bar with physics objects.