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  1. The Asylum

    Spaceball a3

    Enable servercommands! So yeah this shit again NEW AND EXCITING! It's Spaceball A3! Space, the final frontier. These are the battles of teams RED and BLU. Their continuing misson: to hit a ball into the other team's goal- to take a break every three minutes- to boldly play ball where no ball...
  2. ethosaur

    trade_bathtime 2021-08-03

    Another old trade map I made years ago, that I recently found again. (original date, 2014-2015ish) Decided to tune up a little bit, optimize and publish for history/legacy reasons... Perhaps some out there may still find use with these old maps! Thanks for looking!
  3. Kunny

    Func_Physbox question.

    In my map I have a ball that players can run up and hit it with their melee and it sends the ball flying. I want to make it so the ball kills players that it hits.
  4. The Asylum

    Ballpoint a1

    NEW AND EXCITING! It's KOTH Ballpoint! Its like a KOTH map. Only the point is a big round ball that you can totally shoot around a figure 8 trench
  5. Gpc

    Chinese Scoutball 2017-08-06

    My first attempt at art, the Chinese Scoutball is wearing a Hong Kong Cone, one of my favorite hats, and since that fits well with China it became a Chinese Scoutball.
  6. MrAurora

    Make basketball

    I am making a basket ball for my map and I need it to be movable. It is set to a prop dynamic and it has a (multiple balls) name of mdl file of models/player/items/scout/soccer_ball.mdl and models/props_gameplay/ball001.mdl. If anyone could help me fix this so they can move that would be an...