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  1. Sp1nning

    The Heavy Weapons Guy. 2021-12-19

    This is heavy weapons guy, The one question that goes on in his head is "Why are you all babies." (Please can I have the medal now?)
  2. Minebot45

    Payload stuck in place?

    There exists a version of Badwater where the cart moves ten times faster, but unfortunately it's seemingly no longer available on the workshop. Frustrated, I downloaded Badwater off of the decompiled map thread, opened it up in Hammer, adjusted the cart's acceleration and speed values, ran it in...
  3. d3adfin

    ctf_badwater b6

    ctf_badwater is an improved version of a map i found on gamebanana by confidence_man that slightly changes the map's geometry to make it better suited for the gamemode this map uses a modified version of pont's ctf timer logic (as well as a whole reartpass)
  4. sinnamon

    Badwater Map Artwork 2020-09-07

    A illustration collaboration between my friend Red and me! She did the character art & payload icons and I did the background painting & editing. Red: Me...
  5. Sargent¥ (MCT)

    The Bad Boys! 2017-08-05

    Thought I'd change it up. Instead of having it with everyone's favorite mercs, let's have it with some nice cute cosmetics!
  6. TheNoobThatWas

    Team-Swapped Maps B3-B7

    Includes altered versions of: Upward Badwater Goldrush Gorge Gravel Pit Dustbowl Used content from TF2Maps: Rocket002 with blue materials by honeymustard BLU Imports of Red Products by Void Crossroads Custom Props by Jonah Red Cart Bomb by killohurtz Additional Letters by Mikroscopic Tank001...
  7. Erk

    72hr TerribleWater 2017-02-12

    Apologies in advance this thing is probably gonna catch fire if you try to use it. Also, I can't name stuff. It's a "Detail" I spent a lot of time on. Looks like pl_badwater.\ Credit to: -Me -ABS Prop display -pl_badwater and a little of pl_goldrush
  8. Not Your Sagittarius

    72hr [Artwork] DEMO SHOOTING JAM 2016-07-25

    a drawing i made for the 72 hr jam, featuring demo shooting jam out of his grenade launcher... for the tf2jam i am very clever