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  1. halfcircle

    Halfcircle MC21 A1

    2cp A/D MC21 entry. has 2 points 1024 units apart from each other made in about 6 hours
  2. 8BEATER | SFM

    Earlyshine A4

    ATTACK DEFEND 2 CP MAP A pretty long wide and open map with a lot of routes for attackers, similiar to Gorge. 2 Control points, first one is indoors, second one outdoors. The map is set in the morning. Look at the screenshots and play it yourself.
  3. Dead Plant

    cp_acadia_b2 2019-01-26

    This map is a compact 3cp attack/defense styled map that is set in a rocky alpine setting. There's no specific special twists or anything, I'm just honing my mapmaking skills.
  4. Danny Dongvito (G.E.W.P)

    72hr cp_cityworks a4

    This is my map for the tf2maps 72hr summer tf2jam! This is a attack/defense cp map set in the city where the red team and blu team are back at it again, fighting over property in the city. This (size is between small and medium sized) map gives credit to A Boojum Snark for his resource packs...