attack defend

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  1. Sympuppy

    Douglas a1

    Douglas is a single stage A/D map set in the forests of the Rocky Mountains. I don't have a story for it yet!
  2. AlrexX [she/they]

    Multi Stage Ironcliff S1A2

    Haven't made an A/D style layout in a while lol.
  3. Burger

    Endeavor a1a

    My second tf2 map and first attempt at an attack/defend map. Endeavor is a 3-stage, mostly interior map. The layout of certain areas change as points are captured. Both points B and C have giant deathpit rooms, while point a is a more safe area.
  4. Theboigamer11

    sandtown_a1 0.11

    inspired by dustbowl, made by me
  5. Dasprucegoose

    cp_dasprucegoose_mc24_a1 a1

    Prompt: Prompt from Brushwagg Connoisseur
  6. Sitrulus Melon

    Mannila A2A

    Mannila as the name says, it is set in the streets of Manila where BLU will try to takeover the entire area controlled by RED. both teams will fight in the scorching heat of the sun as the map is set in an intense afternoon. fights will either occur between or around the points offering a...
  7. Hweepo

    Emberrock a3

    my second map that I've gotten to publishing stage. my chief concerns are that it might be too open or poorly lit. Credit to: • Karsch for dark rock textures • Asd417 for recolored coalmines boulders • AsG_Alligator for TF2-ified HL2 rocks • MaccyF for mirrored mining rocks • Rexy for new rock...
  8. Will Alfred

    adctf_Holtzmann A9

    A Map made for the ADCTF contest back in 2021. MrModez / Setup Track for Team Fortress 2 Classic TF2C Team | Team Fortress 2 Classic's Dev Textures
  9. leezo

    A/D PASS Time + CP - Gamemode Prefab Version 1

    A prefab for a PASS Time gamemode variant where Blu needs to score a goal in order to unlock the control point they need to capture before it locks itself down after a set amount of time.
  10. AlexEatDonut

    cp_dyncpconcept a2

    This map took far too long to make. This features stuff ! A point ! It moves ! Kinda ! When the point is captured it will transform, any BLU player standing on it will die, and RED will get a bunch of buffs to quickly get to a defensive position. Red have a bit of help to defend the same spot...
  11. TheGhostThatWas

    Multi Stage High Plains A3_1

    Building from stage 3 outward. Currently this is only stage 3. Features: Wider routes Courtyards for combat along route (Stage 3 in particular) Layout tweaks New flank for attackers on point 6 New alternative routes between points 5 and 6 Defenders last spawn is farther back from the control...
  12. Scoot the Burbs

    cp_dirtway a2

    Scoot's first attack defend map.
  13. Huwareyou

    mannfactory a1

    My First attempt at Attack Defend Logic (And any logic outside of koth). It's only two points, and its not very well balanced, but its my first working map that I am going to get tested and improve on.
  14. Portabruh

    Multi Stage Antarctica A1

    I made this in a couple hours a few weeks ago. I'm not getting it play-tested yet because I don't have access to Discord right now, but I'll play-test it when I do. I'm also not sure why I'm uploading this right now, because it's a bad map and I can't play-test it. But here, if you want to play...
  15. Archon

    Dubspol Stage 1 A4

    literally over a year ago i decided to remake dustbowl out of frustration and today ive finished stage 1 haHA its supposed to be somewhat blue sided and take a heavy red defense to defend 1st/second so dont complain about it its a4 bcuz i said it is
  16. Lars

    cp_shaftfall a1

    Sup, I've made a new map. My second one actually. It's a 3CP assault map located on a mountain. The map probably has alot of problem, both gameplayish and vissually, but that's what playtesting is for. I hope y'all can still enjoy this map.
  17. C

    Moon Dustbowl a1

    Reimagining of dustbowl with a moonbase/space theme. Currently only stage 1. I tried to gauge the size of the original with screenshots instead of direct measurements to make a map that's similar but not exactly identical. I accidentally overscaled the section around the second point but want to...
  18. RetroNuva10

    cp_overpass a2

    WIP 3-CP attack/defend in a forested mountain region. RED has set up a weapons-testing facility, and BLU's gotta blow it up! Includes a way-too-slow elevator, a spinning walkway (why did they even build that?), and a pointless bridge!
  19. Ringo23

    Island (Attack Defense) b1

    The blue team, split into 2 spawns, surrounds an island (which red is defending) with 2 towers, some buildings, and probably too many trees. It is an attack defense map that functions like Gravelpit. I used A Boojum Snark's Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack...