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  1. Squaggies

    Decisive a8a

    Asym Koth from MC19 and my first full mapping project to make something playable -Credits-
  2. bird 2

    KOTH_Blastpit a1

    A vertical map with tons of cover, sightlines, spy spots and more.
  3. Charlie 2

    Hardline Datacenter a1

    In This Gamemode You Must Capture A Middle Control Point And Hold It For 40 Seconds To Start A Mini Round Where You Have 2:30 To Capture 2 Enemy Control Points
  4. samjooma

    cp_sewage a1

    This is an Attack/Defence map similar to cp_steel, which means that the last point is always possible to capture, and capturing it wins the round for blue team. Capturing the other control points makes it harder for red to defend the last point because it disables spawn doors that red have to...
  5. Rytu

    Argentan 2016-08-26

    TF2 Remake of the extremely popular Day of Defeat map Argentan ! Gamemode : 5CP "Cap&Hold" : The first team to capture all 5 capture points (flags) in any order wins ! Features : -Dynamic cap points (animated color-changing flags) -Mines ! -Explosive barrels ! -Water mines ! -Barbed Wire ...