arena mode

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  1. August101

    arena_catsvsdinos; vscript experiment a2 - 23w15a

    A TF2 "recreation" of the pvp mech gamemode from Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (hence the name). What this map is and does: * A basic arena map that uses vscript to convert everyone into Pyro-based mechs. * Mech stats: - 2000 Base HP - 100 round minigun that recharges based on how much...
  2. Chef Pasta

    Byte a1

    An arena map built on a cliff with a closed-in point and two diagonal buildings
  3. BiiigSip

    arena_canyon 2021-12-19

    i had very little time to complete it as i had to work all 3 days that the contest was active so I'm sorry that the map isn't as good as it could have been
  4. Clarity

    Potassium A3

    This iis my second proper map for TF2 and it was made for the tf2maps 72hr TF2 jam
  5. FishyUberMuffin

    Fixing Arena Mode

    How would you fix Arena mode to be played more then it is being played now? I would just add it to the Casual Mode map list and cut down the max amount of players to 20 players per sever. 9 v 9 with two extra spots. How would you fix this gamemode?