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  1. @Psycho on Steam

    72hr Jam 2022 Rocketman 1

    Glitch style artwork of the Soldier by me.
  2. @Psycho on Steam

    72hr Jam 2022 'Murican Pride 1

    Saluting Soldier in front of a flag with a trippy zoom-in effect.
  3. ThatMisterFoxx

    Poker Night 2021-12-20

    Team Fortress 2 Animated Loop
  4. Reliantlers

    Giant Heavy Robot With Extra Animations 2021-12-20

    A big heavy bot with extra animations, as well as some default ones modified for easier map use. Comes with an optional grey "neutral" skin, ontop of the red, blue and uber skins. I had other plans for the 72hr event but quickly realized it was too ambitious for the limited time given, so I...
  5. Custard1

    Canaveral Water V2

    A water texture I made for use in Cp_Canaveral Contains both expensive and cheap variants, along with a below water texture water_ocean water_ocean_cheap
  6. Gothic Organist

    Reskinned animated DeGroot_keep flag a6

    Cp_degroot_keep's flags, but now reskinned to flags of 13 countries, 2 cities, 2 provinces and 4 miscellaneous flags. To be used for world building, shameless patriotism or just some colourful decoration. The flags include the countries: Germany, Italy, France, Australia, Finland, The...
  7. obodobear

    Translucent Animated Tf2 Logo Sprite 2019-11-21

    I made this to use as a power up/pickup thing a long time ago, so I figured someone else might find some use in it. Credit would be appreciated if you use it. The texture is transparent, and works as an env_sprite entity. The animation is slower in-game than it appears in the preview.
  8. KrazyZark

    Animated Diesel switcher locomotive V1

    Prop comes with 4 animations to use: slow fast very fast and a bell swinging animation! prop showcase View:
  9. Vapour-shark

    Little Crop of Horrors v2

    Repurposed a cosmetic I made into a map prop, originally used for SFM but has been optimised as a gameplay element. Key Features: - 3 amateurish idle animations. - 3 LODs, - A bodygroup to remove the pot. - Basic gibs if you wish to blast her to pieces. Let me know if you use it! I would like...
  10. Shadowss

    How to make an animated texture?

    How can I make a animated texture, Its probably very simple but i'm just dum.
  11. Mr. Light

    Light On, Lights Off 2018-07-29

    For my jam entry I relit tr_target, plus added some minor scenebuilding. Though to take things up a notch and for a little fun, I also decided to do a bit of animating for my piece as well, this would be my first try at actually animating in SFM. A poster version of just the map is also included.
  12. Sheltr

    [help] 3d animated prop's cubemap acting strange

    Hey everyone I am Shetlr. currently working with ICS to make a few animated props for their up and coming Halloween map. I've hit a strange wall that I am unsure on how to get passed with a rotating prop. it seems as if the worlds cubemap is being projected onto the model, and then sticking to...
  13. Pocket

    Conveyor Belt 2017-07-20

    This ZIP file contains: One (1) custom material of a conveyor belt (using one of the ribbed door textures) that animates at exactly 32 units per second; one (1) uncompiled map demonstrating how this can be used in conjunction with path_track and func_tracktrain entities. Do be advised that this...
  14. 200

    Lavafall 1.0

    This is a very simple vertically falling lava texture. Basically, it is just this tutorial with nature/underworld_lava002 texture. Packed with a simple map where you can check this out and see a usage example. A gif of a texture in action. Feel free to credit me if you want, I do not require...
  15. Reppeti

    How can I put an animated ragdoll into a map?

    Hello everyone! I want to put a Tiny Desk Enginieer into my map as an easter egg, but I have no clue how to do it can you guys help me please?
  16. heatingboy23

    sandvich negotiation

    meet the re-animated sandvich, this was fun to make
  17. Blinx

    Controlling animated textures in Hammer

    In this guide, I'm going to show you how you can manipulate animated textures in Hammer itself, such as making them start and stop, making them jump to a specific frame, and altering their frame rate. 1 - Preparing the VMT file VMT files need to have a specific Proxy attached to them so that...
  18. 200

    Seamless Hexagon Force Field textures 1.0

    A force field texture I made for my map. I had a very hard time finding anything like this so I thought I could share it. Fits well with space themed textures. Comes in a 6 colours: blue, red, cyan, orange, yellow and green. Also packed with a sample map where you can walk and check them out...
  19. Lucia

    Model I need a Model animated

    models/props_doomsday/dd_woodfence_short_256.mdl This model would need an animation of just being destroyed, and the debris flying in one fixed direction. I'm making a MVM map, and the tank is supposed to drive through it. Here a screen of where the fence it's standing.
  20. Werewolf

    Is there a way to make an animated texture start at a specified point via in input?

    So I'm using an animated texture on a large func_brush that is disabled by default. When it's enabled it of course displays the animated texture on it, but the problem is that it often the texture is half way though the animation. What I want to know is if there is some way to force it to start...