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  1. Cinna

    Issue with ambient_generic

    In my map, I have a room that contains a jukebox, which is supposed to play an .mp3 file that I have created. I have the ambient_generic, a timer that re-fires after the whole song finishes and replays it, and a logic_auto to fire the timer when you join the map. Interestingly enough, in my...
  2. Sappykun

    How do I avoid race conditions in the Hammer I/O system?

    TL;DR What are good patterns for preventing race conditions when using sequential logic? ---- I have a KOTH map with a lot of logic point entities. The operations these entities perform must be completed in a certain order, based on which team caps the point and when. Previous versions of...
  3. Werewolf

    Looped .wav file sounds 'glitchy'

    I'm trying to work on an update to DR_Bank, and one point of feedback I had seen was about compressing my sound files. After trying to compress them I have found that Gaben's (the motivator) move sound became distorted. I heard the bug and tried to revert the change by extracting the same file...
  4. Ælement

    (Sound) Vietnamese jungle at night loop 2018-08-15

    I recorded a bit of the nighttime sounds in vietnam this summer. I've now made a loop out of it. Use as you see fit. Credit would be appreciated.
  5. jeff #ImWithHer


  6. Gravidea

    How to make a DJ room?

    So on a previous thread I had created, I mentioned wondering how I would create a DJ room inside my map. Basically by this I mean, making a room with func_buttons in it that would activate a bunch of ambient_generics that would play music around the whole map. I tossed this idea to the side for...
  7. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Problems with creating custom music in a map

    I'm a beginner at creating TF2-maps and I have problems concerning sounds. I'm currently creating a trade map and it has a room with galaxy textures and the music playing is the Space Junk Galaxy theme from Super Mario Galaxy. I have one entrance to the room and the room is inside a trigger...
  8. arthurgps2

    Check if sound is playing to toggle it?

    Hello everyone. So I was building my CTF map, which has an ambient_generic entity to play an alarm sound when the intel gets taken (also thanks to Startacker for helping me in the alarm file name issue). It runs perfectally well when you take the intel, the sound starts playing and looping, but...
  9. arthurgps2

    What's the alarm trigger sound's file name?

    Hello, so um, it's me again. So I was thinking, t would be a good idea if I add an intelligence alarm to my CTF map I'm currently making, so i added an alarm light and an ambient_generic entity into my intelligence room, and did all the outputs to the alarm light to trigger and the sound to...
  10. Scampi

    Issue with Ambient Generic

    I'm having this problem with an ambient_generic in my map. Whenever it plays its sound, it plays it at even volume throughout the entire map despite what I set the Max Audible Distance is set to. I checked the flags, and Play Everywhere is NOT checked. What's going on here?
  11. XEnderFaceX

    Music towards the End of the round just like cp_snowplow

    Hi, How can i trigger the ambient_generic 30 Seconds before the round ends?

    [PSA] The "ambient_generic" requires additional inputs for a few things to work

    I'm not sure if this is already known (I did some research regarding an issue but I found no results), nor if it's a problem in TF2 or the Source engine itself: at least 3 of the direct properties on ambient_generic's main tab don't seem to work at all without giving the entity respective...
  13. J

    How can you loop a ambient_generic

    I'm trying to loop an ambient_generic using the soundfile tf_music_upgrade_machine.wav. My current setup has a logic_timer to do the playsound command every 1 min (length of song) but for some reason it doesn't work. I tried looking this up but got little to no information. Any help?
  14. Simulacron

    Sounds don't work ingame

    For my map pd_ritual I want to make custom voiceline. Today I created new ones,but I have problems getting them ingame. They appear in hammer and I also can select and play them put when I compile (and pack) my map the sounds can't be heard. I also changed the sound to the old voiceline I...
  15. Aeix

    Moving Sounds (ambient_generic)

    So some stuff I am currently working on involves func_tracktrains and a sound source moving with the func_tracktrain, which should be easy. However, the func_tracktrain pitch shifts the sound file I set it to play when it moves. So I tried an ambient_generic to play the sound (also gives much...