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  1. rafradek

    tr_ai_aim V2

    Map for aim training, but uses AI to move around randomly instead of external forces The bot joins BLU team, you have to join RED team Options: No movement, normal or max speed (up to 520 hu) Bots look in move direction or your direction Bots shoot at you Bots move direction change time Bots...
  2. cuppajoeman

    Aim Map

    Hey I'm looking for someone who could help out in the making of an aim map(mostly for sniping). There are lots of good aim maps already in the game, but I have some ideas that could really push aim training to a new level in TF2. If you're interested in this please add me on steam...
  3. Gamecube762

    72hr Jam 2022 tr_trackrun Alpha 1 - reupload

    Tr_TrackRun is a training map featuring bots running down a track in an endless loop. Well until you forcefully end the loop by ending their life... Current Map Features: No SV_CHEATS required. Big open area Bots are running on their own(correct hitboxes). Bots like to stay in their lanes...