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  1. Wastag

    Problem Solving (Hammer etc.)

    To give advice when finding problems whether concerning faults with the programs or tools of TF2 map building or modification.
  2. Zoomspilo

    Gameplay theory of A/D

    Hey, I really want some help on A/D gameplay. I haven't been able to find any resources on the general flow and/or gameplay of A/D, and I really could use some help with it! I'm specifically working on 2CP, but I assume a lot of it applies to most A/D gametypes. If you have any advice or...
  3. Nicky

    Use of Open Areas, "Calm Spots," and Other Mapping Advice

    I made a post with some advice about what I consider to make maps "fun" in this thread here. @Asd417 recommended that I should post a thread about it so more people can see it and be informed, so here it is. I know I'm not the best mapper, but here is some general pointers I can think of that...