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  1. Atasco

    Editing the ABS FGD, or, Using Bad Textures on Purpose

    So I —like most— am using the ABS FGD to vastly improve the experience of making maps for TF2. It solves a lot of problems, like not having appropriate icons for things, better accessibility, and also hiding textures that shouldn't be used as brush face textures. A lot of the "help, why my...
  2. Pdan4

    Pdan4's Pipe Paste and Prevention Prefab 001b

    Now THIS is Computer Science! Some PIPE DOPE from Pdan as an early Christmas present for y'all. If you want to check out the compiled VMF demo: The Blue block will affix your selection. The Red cube will delete instead. Each Teal pillar sets the filter to stick/remove the embedded...
  3. Grampa Swood

    ABS not working

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place for this, but ABS used to work fine but since I installed a new PC this happened. I don't know why it happens but it just does. Hammer also crashes every time I try to open the texture browser. Any help? These are spawn points btw, but it happens with...
  4. Cincomma

    ABS Resource Pack Suddenly not working (Solved)

    Hello TF2maps community! Hammer has regurgitated another problem that I can't solve. The ABS Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack suddenly stopped working for me (I've been using it ever since I started mapping). I still have all of the files for it in my computer, but it isn't working. Any way to fix...
  5. Tango

    ABS problems.

    I uninstalled my ABS pack and re-downloaded it because I accidental deleted my prop libraries. And now when i search for textures they dissipate when using the tf keyword. Any ideas?
  6. LadyRaee

    Additional Track curves! v1

    ABS's prefab has only 1 kind of 45° curves prefab and lacks 22.5° ones. I decided to make additional ones to complete collection. My prefabs are made in same manner as ABS's prefabs and come in both clockwise and counter-clockwise versions. Only red coloured version is included, making BLU is as...