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  1. 14bit

    Stronghold B3A

    Amidst snowy peaks, a spooky stronghold is all that stands between you and the zombie horde. Keep alert and keep warm, and maybe you'll have what it takes to survive! Vote for Stronghold on the workshop today! This map is for the Zombie Infection Vscript mode! Zombie Infection Mode- @Diva...
  2. Kube

    TCDOM Gamemode Logic Prefab (VScript Edition) v01.02

    TC Domination implementation in TF2 VScript. Install instructions Drop tcdom_logic.nut into tf/scripts/vscripts. Make sure to pack it when ya compile. Bring everything from tcdom_logic.vmf into your own map. Enjoy! Gamemode info Capture all three control points to win! At round start, each...
  3. Emil_Rusboi

    Territorial Control Domination Gamemode Logic Prefab v02fix

    This is a gamemode prefab from cp_caper, Territorial Control Domination map. Information The prefab consists of 3 control points, 3 respawn rooms, 1 spawn room for the start of the round (needs so the map could work) and all required logic: Selecting random control points, changing spawns for...
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Abp Emil MC15 a1

    Farm Fakehouse for mc15 robot destruction microcontest Collabed with Abp