72hr tf2jam

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  1. T

    REDsturaunt - 72HR TF2 Jam 2017-08-04

    RED's restaurant, now open to BLU!
  2. Mr. Snowman

    72hr 72hr - Scout does a jump (drawing) 2017-02-12

    Most of it was drawn by hand, a few things were made with the line tool of the program I used. I think it's obvious what that was. Both original image and trace made by me. made for the Winter 2017 72hr TF2Jam. Papa, are you proud of me now? I tried again. Also, try guessing what's on the...
  3. j0hn

    72hr Sticky Jumping! - 72hr Jam Entry 2017-02-11

    This is my entry for the 72hr TF2Jam! My first ever time participating, hope you like my entry!