72hr jam 2018

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  1. Phe

    Corn Coated War paint 2018-07-30

    Made for the TF2 Summer Jam 2018
  2. Suna

    CP_Submerged B2

    A 2CP map set under the sea, in a high-tech facility of some sort. Made for the 72hr summer jam 2018. Current version: Beta Map will continue to recieve updates once the summer jam is over. Under the water Ya we in luck here Down in the muck here Under the sea
  3. Pozz

    Whole night ahead 2018-07-30

    Made second one just want to know on what level I'm curretly is and how could I improve myself
  4. Pozz

    Ice boy 2018-07-30

    I'm really new at this so wanted to try
  5. AniLeyo

    Artwork 2018-07-30

    i maked it for 2 hours. No idea.
  6. Glubbable

    Ricochet Fortress B3

    A recreation of the original Ricochet into TF2. With some slight differences such as power-ups and soldiers only! Deathmatch Gamemode Logic by Benoist3012 Ricochet Textures by Valve Software
  7. FishyUberMuffin

    The Boston Base Killer A1

    This is for the 72 hour jam. It's a War Paint base on the scout. The idea is that I turned the Scout's class icon into a baseball because Boston.
  8. sinnamon

    Low-poly 2Fort (GIF) 2018-07-29

    made this lowpoly 2fort model for the 72hr jam!
  9. medadon

    Movin' Up (to the spawn) 2018-07-28

    My best SFM work and my first comics at all. And I made it special for 72hr Jam. Used only Source Filmmaker and Adobe Photoshop CC.
  10. ☣EugeneWanderer☣

    sfm poster 2018-07-28

  11. HQDefault

    cp_woodgrant A5

    It's the 72hr jam so gotta map fast
  12. Bloonik

    My Spy-Crab Sculpture #72hr-Jam 2018-07-28

    Thats a BLU Spy-Crab sculpture which i have made during the 72hr JAM event :)
  13. ✖ Jan_Niclas ✖

    SFM Poster 2018-07-28

  14. Trapezoid

    72hr 2018 2018-07-28

    72hr jam entry
  15. Egeus4

    Tf2 72hr jam 2018-07-28

    I draw the saharan spy set for spy. Im not a good artist but i did my best. I'm inspired by official tf2 saharan spy pictures.
  16. sour dani

    Gun in the Sun 2018-07-27

    This War Paint is inspired by sitting by the pool at Mann manor and enjoying a bottle of scrumpy Original concept and texture editing by: Dan Greene Textures provided by: Ummuranium Thanks and please leave a like. https://tf2maps.net/members/ummumumumu.28007/...
  17. ☯≤<Nikita>≥㋛雷

    [SFM] Scout runs away with intelligence 2018-07-28

    I made this poster for 72hr TF2Jam 2018 Entry! Here is a snippet of the battle between the scout and the blue team. Looks pretty epic, hope you enjoy it :)
  18. Veliass

    Puppet Invasion [SFM] - 72HR Jam 2018-07-28

    Puppet's model : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635459755&searchtext=puppet