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  1. G.A.S.

    Vac Overlays 2020-09-06

    The .zip contains these: I will make then into working overlays later and add them to the overlay pack.
  2. TixotDeWitt

    Steel VS. Flesh 2018-07-29

    Special for TF2 72 hours JAM. Intensive battle Demo And Soldier But Demo is Robot (I don't know how to write hokku)
  3. Xayir

    Hyen A1

    Hyen is a map set in a facility in the middle of the desert 3cp team domination gamemode was made by @Benoist3012
  4. wardex

    RED's Team Summer Meetup 2018-07-28

    This is my SFM Art, special for 72hr Summer Jam! Hope you like it!
  5. Frea!Z

    My submission to the #72hr SummerJam 2018-07-28

    My participation to this 72hr TF2 SummerJam. (Summer 2018) Hope that tf2maps.net will like it, meh.
  6. AceofSpadesn1915

    Cp_Quarry 2017-08-07

    Taken place in an old Quarry with 2 train stations for supplies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Person Who Helped -Ben4415!- Layout http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198077272494/ -AceofSpades- Builder...
  7. E

    AtDaBeach 2017-08-07

    is a koth map.
  8. Bonk boy

    good old memories 2017-08-04

    the good old days before Meet your Match. sorry for the bad lighting
  9. H

    72hr Artwork for the Jam Contest 2017-02-12

    A pretty hastily done artwork for the Jam Contest. I would normally take more time and detail into it, but I was on a time constraint and I have school tomorrow, so I'm unable to do a fancy artwork and upload it in time. Well, that is all. Enjoy.
  10. MaRu⛈

    72hr [SFM] "GET BACK HERE!" 2017-02-12

    *riding crop sound*
  11. RussianGoldfish

    Mountains and Moustaches 2017-02-10

    You heard the man!
  12. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦

    72hr [Hat] Sombrero of the Gaucho V1 2016-07-24

    A great hat for a "Gaucho mann" This hat was made for the TF2 72hr Jam Stats: -Paintable -2 lods -100% from argentina ----------------------------------------------------- Coming soon a "V2 edition"