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  1. Pyrohdezo

    Meet The SummerJam 2022-07-22

    SFM Poster of Meet the SummerJam (png file)
  2. Myahster

    [SFM Sessions] - Offense/Defense/Support 2018-07-28

    Started 11am Friday, and finished 9pm Saturday. - Update v2 : More Content! I've added the original .dmx and .autosave files for your own use! Have fun!
  3. c0ry

    Demoman As The Bottle 72hrJam 2018-07-27

    My Lil Take On The Demoman As The Bottle Might Do The Heavy As The Sandvitch Next :)
  4. Krycer [~TSP~]

    koth_tunnelduct a8

    My first ever (playeable) TF2 map - koth_tunnelduct, obviously inspired by koth_viaduct, done with the help of amazing tutorials from UEAKCrash! I tried tackling an interesting design with semi-hidden side tunnels that would lead to cover.
  5. SanekOgon

    72hr TF2 Gmod: Meet the Demoman's Dream 2017-02-13

    Yay! My 2nd medal! Thank you guys! Winter 2017 72hrJam TF2Jam GMOD animation : Meet the Demoman's Dream ------- Hrmm-amrr-mrr-a! The first jam had over a hundred entries. I wasn’t sure we could do as well as that a second time. The second jam had over five hundred entries, which sure showed...
  6. ZeBestOrange™ |Trade.Tf

    72hr Unsuspecting Engineer 2017-02-12

    I am ill and I have a lot of homework. Took me an hour and a half to make this poster, but F*ck it, that medal is sexy. This was a nice break from dying on my bed and doing homework.
  7. sakakiy7

    72hr TF2 Drawing 7Hr TF2 Jam 2017-02-12

    This drawing cost me a little but here it is
  8. W

    72hr Its the Horseless Headless Horsemann's Head Jeremy Brown! 2017-02-11

    A parody of Charlie Brown's 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown' (Owned and created by Charles M. Schulz, I have no plans to use this picture in any way for profit and it is under fair use, since it isa parody) with TF2's soldier (as Linus) and scout (as Charlie) + Archimedes (as Woodstock)...
  9. ambersonic96

    72hr Pyro-time 2017-02-11

    I love the TF2 character design and I wanted to try to summarize how I see the Pyro. Did that work out? Hope so :D Keep it up TF2, awesome game ;)