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  1. TurquoiseLeaf

    Operation: Bonk "Borrow" 2022-07-24

    Made for the 72 hour jam. Wanted to make Scout steal some Bonk.
  2. Kaymon95

    Sniper's Treasure Hunt 2017-08-06

    SFM poster created for the TF2Maps Summer 2017 72-Hour Jam
  3. Cheddzy

    72 Hour Jam Entry - "Jack Problems" SFM Poster 2017-08-05

    This is my entry to the 72hr summer jam! Hope you like this, took me a while, put my best effort into making this, and I personally love how it turned out.
  4. Sharpshot32

    Slam Jam 72 A1

    Created in around 7 hours, 2 of which were planning and references with searching for maps and props. I made a joke on the 'Jam' part because of Space Jam, guess it was time to Slam now. anyway hope this was worth effort, even if there is much better. o_O - Lets hope this was worth it. And...