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  1. jnts

    Four-team Alphabetical Control Point Holograms 1.0

    Inspired by Icarus' models and wanting to use them in my own 4-team domination map, I decided to expand on his work by adding the relevant submodels for GRN and YLW. If you want to do something like this yourself, or edit these models in particular, all you need are: - VTFEdit to convert...
  2. Octmari

    4-Team dom_sewers a2

    dom_sewers is a tf2c 4team map that takes place in a sewer, and all team's cap points have unique deadly gimmicks. meant to be a chaotic map for a chaotic mode
  3. Endermage77

    ctf_kemri a1

    The Black Pyramid hides a valuable cache of Australium. Go forth and grab it, then! Map Credits: Marble — DrSquishy Pickup Patches — Berry
  4. Lev1679

    dom_barnfield A3

    Dom_barnfield is a 2-team domination map with 2 points!
  5. MilkMaster

    4-Team Depository A2

    Invade the enemy base and steal their goodies. Depository is a 4-team CTF map where your intelligence is guarded by a safe. Destroy the enemy's safe to reveal their intel, and escape their base before the blast doors lock you in. Uses assets from Team Fortress 2 Classic and The London Pack...
  6. noo.dll

    4-Team dom_pall_mall v1

    !!CONTENT WARNING!! for bright/flashing colours and custom audio. This is a 4-team domination remake of an attack/defense map of the same name. Balancing is WIP