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  1. d3adfin

    Acrophobopolis Pro a2

    pro version of the official map acrophobopolis made for 2v2
  2. d3adfin

    Imperial a4b fix

    imperial is an open fortress duel and tdm map. it takes strong inspiration from quake live maps like silence and ragnarok in an effort to hopefully be fast-paced and intense.
  3. Yelta + 옐다

    arena_megacorp_plaza 1.0

    A teeny tiny map. All info on the images is heavily exaggurated, it really isn't that good. But it's alright. And not as boring as empty 1v1 maps. If I did 1v1s, I'd do it on this map. Because it's mine, to be fair, not because it's the best one, but it is good.
  4. Flaminglump

    ultiduo_noodle 2017-04-18

    I rushed this map out from beginning to end in the course of a little over one weekend, and while I think I did a good job catching bugs and clipping problems, it would be appreciated if you would report any issues you find to me via the comment section. Who knows. Maybe some day we will play...
  5. Register 8

    72hr KOTH Funbox! 2017-02-11

    I whipped this together when I saw the announcement for the map jam on reddit. This is my first ever Source Engine map, so go easy on it. I used A Boojum Snark's "Ultimate Mapping Resource Pack," get it here: https://tf2maps.net/threads/ultimate-mapping-resource-pack.4674/