2cp a/d

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  1. Edward_shooter

    CP Dragon Hills (72h)

    Edward_shooter submitted a new resource: Dragon Hills (72h) - Famous Landmarks! Read more about this resource...
  2. Edward_shooter

    72hr Jam 2023 Dragon Hills (72h) B1

    Map Preview: | Google Drive | TF2Maps | GameBanana | Plot: BLU and RED are fighting over a time machine... Wait, you say it's just a malfunctioned Clock Tower?! Unique Features: Famous landmarks from Hong Kong Terrible map layout Credits: Barion --- for making the perfect bell sound My...
  3. joshtrademark

    Parkes A3

    A 2CP map with a big radio telescope in the middle. This map was inspired by Parkes Observatory, a huge radio telescope in Australia that captured the moon landing. Hope you enjoy my map!
  4. Robogineer

    Mannifold a4

    Mannifold is a multi-stage A/D map set inside a heavy industrial/refinery setting. The overall layout and map flow are inspired by Foundry, Dustbowl, and a few other non-Valve games. Shoutout to Void for the lovely skybox!
  5. TrustyGun

    Silageview a2

    Silage, Noun "Fodder prepared by compressing and fermenting green forage crops under anaerobic conditions, usually in a silo." A simple 2CP A/D map with the cp_dustbowl aesthetic.
  6. spruce

    Silverplow A2

    This is a remix/edit of the map made by plainz: Gravelblow (With his permission) Silverblow is a Barnblitz themed map where Something something Red vs Blu Idk, make up a story.
  7. ArtZ

    Breachpit a6a

    Breachpit is a single-stage 2CP attack/defense map. The map starts with BLU pushing down from a high ground and culminates in a control point above a deathpit near RED spawn. This map is heavily inspired by Gorge. It also sucks
  8. Jameson

    Jameson_mc22 a1

    Made for the 22nd Microcontest. Only 199 solids could be used. I used 196 Also used the Delivery Van asset, it's too good not to use. Also I think I used a construction pack texture for the ground blend somewhere. Delivery van - evil knevil, NassimO
  9. toopliss

    72hr Jam 2022 Agate a1a

    2cp a/d map made during 2022 72 hour Summer Jam, wasn't planning on making one for this year but then I had layout geo I wanted to make. And then I decided to make last's setpiece, oh god the last's setpiece. tbh fastest pace I've ever made a jam map so that's great, actually.
  10. *Turns into crocodile*

    Renuclose a20b

    Overgrown pack: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/overgrown-prop-pack.4179/ Cardboard boxes: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/dans-laughter-and-slaughter-assets.9751/
  11. Thetriztheexistentialneko

    cp_edgy_steampunk_fursona A4

    Recently Saxton hale noticed that a lot of Mann cos cars where being stolen by by airships, so he stole one of the airships for himself and sent the blu team to get any cars back from the floating city that their coming from
  12. zythe_

    muskox v2 a1

    a remake of cp_muskox, hopefully better this time...