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  1. KrazyZark

    Model Small and Medium size edit for Urban Blast Door

    KrazyZark submitted a new resource: Small and Medium size edit for Urban Blast Door - small and medium sizes for the urban_blast_door prop Read more about this resource...
  2. KrazyZark

    Model Snow covered prop pack

    Snow covered prop pack - Snow props for commonly used props outside. I will eventually add more in an update, suggestions will be added to a list for the next bunch. Also comes with a vmf with all of the snow props and there counter parts. Have fun using them!
  3. KrazyZark

    TF2 p30 Stepvan

    TF2 p30 Stepvan - A Chevrolet p30 stepvan model made in under 72hrs for the jam RED BREAD! comes with 6 skins Geerld's light session:
  4. KrazyZark

    Model Tank drill

    Tank drill - A drill prop with animations for custom mvm missions Comes with an example vmf and bsp 4 skins for 2 for default and 2 for final 3 animations 6 custom sounds
  5. KrazyZark

    Model KrazyZark's vehicle pack part 2

    KrazyZark's vehicle pack part 2 - A new car pack for 2021 and 2022 vehicles Making a new car pack for vehicles that I finish in 2021 right now I have about 3 models that finished but untextured, so there will be more added soon. Current vehicles in this pack are: 1965 Mercedes Benz Pullman...
  6. KrazyZark

    Model Dm_Dock Asset Pack

    Dm_Dock Asset Pack - A spy themed asset pack from the map dm_dock in Open fortress Comes with custom models, textures, signs, overlays and water textures from dock. I thought I would finally release these to the public, because there just sitting in my projects folder and maybe when the odd...
  7. KrazyZark

    Texture Generator door texture

    Generator door texture - custom door texture based off of the generator cart model a door texture I made a long time ago and thought I would remake it and upload it.
  8. KrazyZark

    Model Prototype submarine

    Prototype submarine - A secret porotype to use in your marine facilities This prop was made for dock in open fortress which is set in 1975, so it may not fit in any map. have fun using it! model name is: props_dock\prototype_sub.mdl
  9. KrazyZark

    Model Radio Telescope

    Radio Telescope - A massive radio telescope for your observatories Has three skins: Red, Blu, Yellow (neutral) has a skybox model (recommend using this one because the normal size model is usually too massive) have fun using this in your maps!
  10. KrazyZark

    Model Emergency button

    Emergency button - The button from Among us with the TF2 style Spy kinda sus
  11. KrazyZark

    UAZ 2721

    UAZ 2721 - A Russian van I made for the 72 hour Jam 2020 had fun losing sleep and making it!
  12. KrazyZark

    Model KrazyZark's Vehicle pack part 1

    Krazy's Vehicle pack - this pack will consist mostly of vehicles I feel like making at the time. Finally after 7 months of not working on this I'v finished this model, And The pack will be updated with new vehicles when I finish more. vehicles to come in future updates: 1955 Ford F100 panel...
  13. KrazyZark

    CTF Snowfall

    Snowfall - This Is my gift to all you guys! Merry Smissmas! Been developing this over the past year and its been worth it! -Credits- map Landfall and assets by Dr. Spud Rotating Air Intake by Apom Candy Cane model by Rexy TF2 Emporium Vehicle Prop Pack by Square End of the Line Prop Pack by...
  14. KrazyZark

    Model Briefcase Present

    Briefcase Present - wrapped up version of the briefcase for your smissmas maps have fun with my present to all of you :D
  15. KrazyZark

    Model Animated Diesel switcher locomotive

    Animated steam locomotive - Fully animated steam loco, and the bell swings as well! Prop comes with 4 animations to use: slow fast very fast and a bell swinging animation! prop showcase View:
  16. KrazyZark

    Model Empty minecart payload

    Empty_minecart_payload - An empty version of the Helltower payload cart. have fun using it!
  17. KrazyZark

    Texture I have some vehicle models that need texturing. (DEAD)

    Hello I'v had these models in works for about 2 months, some on and off, I did try to texture them but failed miserably and need some of the talent from you people. Dm me if your interested in helping, thank you!
  18. KrazyZark

    Model Dump Truck Tipping pose Edit

    Dump Truck Tipping pose Edit - Now this Dump truck can do what it was made for! DUMPING I thought it would be a nice addition for this truck to be able to tip. right now I have no idea how to animate, I could learn how to and have it animated to go up or down.
  19. KrazyZark

    Model Wood Stove

    Wood Stove - A nice warm little stove to warm your little home. a black wood stove with some rust and dirt over it. -Model Index- models/props_forest/wood_stove01.mdl
  20. KrazyZark

    Model log bed

    log bed - I decided that Tf2 needs more bed models and created this boy log bed comes in 4 different skins, red, blue, green and yellow. -Model Index- models/props_forest/log_bed_01.mdl