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  1. n8five484

    DM Groom

    Groom - And you might as well be dead, he said Groom is a rotationally symmetrical deathmatch map for Open Fortress inspired by Dust2, Safehouse, and Bank, that takes place at Groom Lake near the infamous Area 51.
  2. n8five484

    KotH Unravel

    Unravel - Broken, down world. Unravel is a standard KOTH map taking influence from Bagel and Badlands with the bridge taken from Badlands at a slanted angle and its theme also taken directly from Badlands. Made (potentially) for the Back-2-Basics Contest.
  3. n8five484

    PL Cliffedge

    Cliffedge - A payload map at the edge... of a cliff. That's where the name comes from. Continuation of Cliffedge originally by basilhs333 and currently adopted by me. Inspired by Cashworks, it takes place at a Brewery at the edge of a cliff. Big thanks for @basilhs333 for creating the map and...
  4. n8five484

    KoTH Hesperus

    Hesperus - I'm not the Wreck of the Hesperus View: BLU and RED have found the location of the Wreck of Hesperus and are vying for control over the shipwreck in order to gain it's treasures. Custom Content: - Yrr's Control Point Hologram Strip (from...
  5. n8five484

    Solving the Next Contest Mystery

    Decided to make a thread to keep all the clues organized for the next contest and for sleuthing. Don't know where to put this thread so I'll put it here. If it's in the wrong spot can moderators put this in the correct forum. First Clue: Second Clue: Third Clue: Fourth Clue: Fifth...
  6. n8five484

    KotH Sidegrade

    Sidegrade - Sidegrade, more like downgrade. Sidegrade is an experiment on making a KOTH map without a sniper tower and on the emphasis of risk vs. reward. The map is King of the Hill with a coal mine theme seen maps such as Upward and Coal Town.
  7. n8five484

    Useful Things for TF2 Mapping

    I have compiled a bunch of threads, tutorials and videos that you might find useful. I have ordered individual links in their respective categories by relevancy and how much usefulness I find their information. Note some of this might be complex. I know Egan already made this but there are some...
  8. n8five484

    KotH Rocketracket

    Rocketracket - KOTH Map with a rocket. KOTH Map with a rocket. Will upload screens soon
  9. n8five484

    KotH Limelight

    Limelight - Living in a fish eye lens, caught in the camera eye Limelight is a standard King of the Hill map. Formerly named Drainyard after Drain You by Nirvana, it switched to its current name this time after the song of the same name by Rush. It is a revisited version of Drainyard, an...
  10. n8five484

    Problems with Respawn Room Visualizer

    So unfortunately there's a problem with my respawn room visualizer. I don't know how to describe in words but i'll show you pics. So that's the problem itself.
  11. n8five484

    KotH Tripar

    Tripar - Welcome to KOTH Tripar, where train drivers die daily! Tripar, made in August 2015 was my first complete map and is one of my proudest effort I have ever made to this day despite its many bugs. Presumably made after having an argument with MayhemHem on his map, cp_blackrock and...