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    Medieval Sugguestions

    In my boredom, I decided that (instead of trying to finish a full map) I would try to build a prefab pack for Medieval Buildings, similar to the Front-line Building Prefab pack made by snowsquirrel. I've already made a watermill (though it still needs a little work) that's decently detailed, but...

    Map Weapon Ban list?

    For a long time, I assumed there was nothing I could alter Medieval Mode's weapon ban list in order to add weapons like Jarate and the Gas Passer. However, in a previous April Fools map, somebody made a map dedicated to soldier zatochi battles and it banned use of weapons that were not the...

    KotH Nightflower

    Nightflower - a connect 5 map with various issues Night Flower In 1941, before the Fat Man was born, but after Fat Domino was born, There was a small shop in New Orleans that the locals called Night Flower. It was a small brewery, rumored to hide a chest full of Australium. One day, the owner...