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  1. Fraz

    Unlimited Detail Tech blahblah So... what do the fine people of TF2M think about this then?
  2. Fraz

    Looking to slightly upgrade my PC

    Well, I'm getting roughly $500ish (£320ish) and am looking to upgrade my PC, mainly Graphics and PSU. My specs (I have a 300W PSU right now) More info about my mobo I am currently looking at buying: however...
  3. Fraz

    STV Demos

    I was just wondering, since STV Demos are useful for going over tests again and stuff, and since they don't seem to be uploaded or that any more. Could we maybe have an automatic demo upload that deletes everything every 7 days, where users can grab the STV demo from their tests. I dunno if it's...
  4. Fraz


    PROPANE (PL) (pl_propane_a9) Gametype: 3 Stage Payload Players: 2-24 (32 max) Authors: Frazer "Midget" Grant Contributors: Tom "zpqrei" Pritchard Helper: Charles "The Political Gamer" Papanek Custom Content: Trucks by TheDarkerSideofYourShadow Misc Unreleased signs, doors and overlays...
  5. Fraz


    Bottomless Pit. 32 Players. Random Platforms. Madness. YouTube- Arena_Drop by TheMidget31394
  6. Fraz

    Texture Coloured Striped Dev Textures

    A simple job, but one I cannot do nonetheless (don't have photoshop installed :/) I would like to request a blue and red striped version of dev_reflectivity 20%, 50%, 80% please. I like using the reflectivity textures but it would be a nice way to distinguish bases rather than big huge red and...
  7. Fraz

    Excellent Music in Games

    Well, I'm trying to find as much music from games as possible for my spotify playlists. It seems to help me relax, and get into a good working flow. So if any of you know where to find any music from games (Preferably more instrumental style) post some spotify links or whatever. Spotify - EA...
  8. Fraz


    MIDGETZPQ (arena_midgetzpq_a1) By Frazer "The Midget" Grant & Tom "zpqrei" Pritchard Add Midget On Steam Midget's Steam Profile Add zpqrei On Steam zpqrei's Steam Profile Arena_Midgetzpq is an arena map, developed by Frazer "The Midget" Grant and Tom "zpqrei" Pritchard. It is set on a...
  9. Fraz

    Contest Map List (un)Official Contest Maps List Created and Maintained by Frazer "midget31394" Grant Original List (.txt) Map Name|Author Name|Thread (CTF)Acquisce|Smetzle|11569 (CTF)Agriculture|Fogold|11617 (CTF)Alaska|Zpqrei|11464 (CTF)Aqueduct|Drexer|11500 (CTF)Arid|Midget31394|11488...
  10. Fraz


    Arid (Capture the Flag) [[Built for the Competetive CTF contest]] By: Frazer "The Midget" Grant. Contact: Add Me On Steam My Steam Profile --------------------- Arid is a CTF map by Frazer Grant, for the Major Mapping Contest #4...
  11. Fraz


    Hi there. I suppose at least some of you will know about my numerous failed maps, for one reason or another. This however, I feel may be able to break the trend. Gewitter will be a 1 Stage, Attack and Defend map. Like Gorge. The theme will be a cross between the swamp theme, and a...
  12. Fraz

    Why do you love steam convos?

    Post here, with any wins, fails, lolz, anything, as to why you love steam chatting across the interwebz.
  13. Fraz


    YouTube - Kitteh Om Nom Nom I lol'd
  14. Fraz

    TF2 Community List

    Well, I decided. I think most public maps don't get as much publicity as they deserve. I then thought of a way we could try and get our maps out into the public, casual, TF2 Gaming community. So I decided to compile a list of communities and clans I know. I have linked to a forum in which it...
  15. Fraz

    LOL Scammer

    Never tell your password to anyone. 18 August 2009 16:50 - midget31394 [Collusion]: hey! Have I played with you? I didn't know who you were when you added me but you seem cool enough :) 16:50 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy lol 16:51 - ѕтeaм ѕecυrιтy im tom from steal supporter 16:52 - midget31394...
  16. Fraz

    The next person to post is...

    The person who puts Off Topic to OVER 9000 posts =)
  17. Fraz

    New Superstar <3

    Well, in my clans 2fort IR server, not that long ago, I got most of our team, (all bar 2) to go engy, I said if everybody went engy I'd record this. I felt nice, and did it anyway. For your viewing pleasure: midget31394, tonight, will be. Aqua! YouTube - midget31394 - barbie girl Steam Convos!
  18. Fraz

    Midget (Working Title)

    No Name by Frazer "midget31394" Grant Contact @ This will be a 5cp push map (once my computer returns to me) set in the desert (dustbowl theme) at night. Yeah, thats about it!
  19. Fraz

    Wow: The movie.

    We are all well and truly doomed. A director has selected for the project: Sam Raimi. For those who aren't familiar with Raimi; he directed the Spiderman series and the Evil Dead series. His most recent release was the under-appreciated Drag Me to Hell. Now...for me it doesn't matter...
  20. Fraz

    Ad Covers "Search" and "Quicklinks"

    It's really annoying trying to search for something to find out I typed it wrong :x