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  1. nesman

    Summer Jam 2022 Polling

    You heard that right a summer jam. Vote on your phones now so we can plan stuff better. Note the outcome of this poll does not mean the jam would be on those dates, we just want some rough numbers from everyone.
  2. nesman

    TF2M Migration Requests

    If you want something changed be descriptive, I can't read your mind. Please be kind. Feature request: Be as descriptive as possible: Pictures are always nice.
  3. nesman

    TF2M Migration Bugs

    If you find a bug please report it using the following syntax: Description of bug: Pictures of bug: How to reproduce the bug:
  4. nesman

    CP Baxter

    Baxter - Blu fights Red in their mountain base. Baxter state park. The tallest mountain in Maine has a secret base inside of it that Blu team wants.
  5. nesman


    72hr_nesman - 3cp a/d (unfinished) Between the stream and laying wreaths I had little to no time to work on my jam entry. I still want to upload this to show the basic blocking out stages, maybe it'll help someone out with an idea. Still working on the map. There is no logic and only 1 spawn in...
  6. nesman

    Submitting Your Map For Competitive Testing

    1. Before you upload. Your map needs to be in a playable state for it to be played. You must meet the following. Your map is compiled - You have to compile your map before it can be played, make sure you are uploading the BSP, not the VMF, to the site. Your filename must be all lowercase and...
  7. nesman

    Example Megathread: Rumford

    Rumford Thread: Format: Highlander. Goals: Faster paced payload with 3 points. Strong holds?
  8. nesman

    Prior Staff Promotions in 2021

    Been a busy year and I'm finally able to catch up on the status of the staff team. 3 2 1 let's jam. First up, Gold Stars. This year we brought on many new faces to the team. @toopliss joined late in 2015 and became Gold Star in October 2020. They are known for their jump map Crunch, Craggy...
  9. nesman

    A Reminder to Everyone. Be Nice.

    Every few months, issues of a particular nature seem to crop up. We’ve noticed an uptick in rude or otherwise unhelpful feedback coming from veteran members and new members are being pushed aside or driven away. We feel the need to remind everyone of our most basic rule. Don’t be a jerk...
  10. nesman

    72 Hour Jam 2021 Polling

    Hey everyone. The 72 hour jam is right around the corner! We wanted to run a quick survey to see what weekend would be optimal for everyone. Feel free to vote and discuss it below.
  11. nesman

    TF2Maps MVM Server Info & Uploading

    Greetings! Welcome to the new MVM uploading thread. Because with how MVM maps work with population files our bot currently (hopefully soon) does not support automated uploading, hence this thread. You can use this thread to make any upload requests for maps, please include any assets that will...
  12. nesman

    [GUIDE] Using The Feedback Round Plugin

    This is the feedback round plugin by @PigPig . Current Version: 0.0.18c Github: Required Plugins feedback2.smx Requires the This is the main plugin. rockthevote.smx Requires the This plugin is a modified...
  13. nesman

    [GUIDE] Uploading your Map, Using TF2Maps Bot, and Finding Feedback.

    TF2Maps offers playtesting sessions called “Map Tests”. These sessions are invaluable for getting feedback on your map, so you can use it to improve your maps. This guide will walk you through preparing your map for a playtest session, using “Mecha Engineer” to queue it for a Map Test, and how...
  14. nesman

    Valve Artpass: The Lost Mountain Labs

    Back in 2010 there was a contest in which Valve gave the TF2M community a base map to artpass. Since then, most of those maps have been forgotten with the unique styling some of them used. Some of the maps had cubemap problems or were outright corrupted. I grabbed what I could. Enjoy. Two...
  15. nesman


    rocketforge - Rocketforge but A/D Pass time The glorious map rocketforge is now in the amazing gamemode pass time! Original A/D Pass Time logic by Flipy:
  16. nesman

    PL Rumford

    Rumford - Paper mill payload There is a lot of lore behind this map. It is based off of a paper mill in nothern Maine in the town of Rumford. This is my entry into the Rule of Three's contest. Contributors: Me (The Map), Zeus (Materials), & Izotope (Models & Materials) Other Assets from: Void...
  17. nesman

    Barnblitz Turntable Prefab

    Barnblitz Turntable - Turntable prefab Now you can delay the inevitable of exploding the payload.
  18. nesman

    Model Small Turbines with Team Colors

    Small Turbines with Team Colors - Small Turbines I've been needed a small version of the generator01 on Laborde thats in the red variant. I edited the powerhouse version to be just the top half with RED and BLU skins. To Install: Drop the "models" folder into the "tf" folder.
  19. nesman

    Model Security Fence Expansion Pack

    Security Fence Expansion Pack - Expansion pack for the security fence model without the barbed wire on the top This expansion pack currently has 3 models that can go along with the valve security_fence_section_01.mdl model. There is currently a pole, quarter sized fence, and full sized fence...
  20. nesman

    bug when adding twitch to site

    As title states there is a bug when adding my twitch to the site. A staff member already tried to approve it getting added but there was api issues.