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  1. Lenny

    CP MellowBrook

    I'd really like to give feedback related to gameplay but the map is pretty much unplayable in its current state. Yes the actual capturing points and winning logic is set up correctly, but you haven't clipped any of your level boundaries. You can just walk off of the edge from pretty much...
  2. Lenny

    KotH Quadrangle

    Couple of issues I noticed when walking around my myself: -Your clipping isn't very good. Some "walls" which you had blocked with a combination of props and player clip brushes were really easy to get snagged on. Generally you're going to want to coat an entire area with a clip brush, not...
  3. Lenny

    KotH koth_wip

    I'm not saying make direct copies, I'm saying that there are certain aspects of maps that are appealing while they might fall flat in other areas. Looking at what makes each map good and avoiding what makes a map bad is what you want to do.
  4. Lenny

    KotH koth_wip

    The reason it's bad is because it's literally three rooms in a straight line. There is no (good) map that's made up of solely that. If you need inspiration for King of the Hill map layouts you can definitely check out the ones already in the game (ideally pure KOTH maps, not stuff like Badlands...
  5. Lenny

    KotH Hangar

    The security in the third screenshot is a nice touch.
  6. Lenny

    PL Coaltown

    Your download is a link to the .vmf. You need to compile the map first and then upload the resulting .bsp.
  7. Lenny

    Help with a 5 Cp Map

    If you have A Boojum Snark's game mode library, the 5cp section should have instructions on forward spawns - they need to be associated with the point that the team has captured.
  8. Lenny

    "Jimijam" Word Filter

    I still don't know what Jimijam is
  9. Lenny

    cp_powerhouse is already liked because it's symmetric 3CP.

    Hasn't 3cp been done in some comp format already? Warmfrost, I think it is - it definitely works for smaller teams but on a 24 man pub it can get really stupid.
  10. Lenny

    Why do you love steam convos?

    Donut the Vikingchap: Also I just realized the mini gun skin is covered in JimiJam logos lol v.: what even is jimijam tyler ☂: i do want the jimijam minigun because jimijam is awesome cutiephi: i want jimijam everything v.: but what is jimijam cutiephi: JIMIJAM sevin: jimijam is a poster sevin...
  11. Lenny

    ARENA Afloat

    arena_nucleus has the medium health pack under the point, but that's it. I think every other arena map has small or no health packs.
  12. Lenny

    KotH Timber

    I think it's less of the fact that they copied something and more of the fact that they copied something and tried to pass it off as their own/not give credit
  13. Lenny

    CP Daybreak

    A friend and I went over this map. It's a pretty decent attempt at a first map, but there are a couple of issues you should look into. (Typical stuff for an a1, though, no worries.) Also I suck at organizing these posts so sorry about that. Mid Mid point's kinda weird. The skybox on it is...
  14. Lenny

    ARENA Afloat

    Finally I can say that the map is literally carrying my team
  15. Lenny

    Best Workshop Comments

  16. Lenny

    Hide/archive/remove the Community Projects board

    I had always thought it was the super sekrit EOTL forum
  17. Lenny

    [BUG] Teleporters Don't Work When Inside SOLID Func_LODs or Func_Brushes

    I think teleporters are set to auto-destroy when it thinks a player that would teleport would get stuck in world geometry. Pretty interesting that it'd happen with func_lod.
  18. Lenny

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Look a hammer update
  19. Lenny

    ARENA Dm_Oneroom

    This is the map, everyone. (linked, not sure how to thumb images...) I don't know anyone who'd want to DM in this. There's only one spawn point per team, the skybox is literally the ceiling (guess where it is), and the only thing breaking up the flat ground are the lights (that apparently don't...