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  1. AgeNt_


    It actually got shut down by the US Government. Go us. in the mean time, they are porting it to
  2. AgeNt_

    US Gameday - Saturday 17th Dec

    Map: cp_alborn_township_b1 Download: Here Thread: 18207 Anytime is fine.
  3. AgeNt_

    Areaportals Error

    Your problem is, an area portal can only be a single brush. You must of selected more than two brushes and then made them both one area portal.
  4. AgeNt_

    Yet another Valve ARG!/Doug_Rattmann/status/146314761460658178 could we be getting something in 2 months..?
  5. AgeNt_

    too many solids in map

    not much is needed to fix this, its possibly because of a displacement at that coordinate. Atleast thats what my compile log tells me. But nothing to worry since its nothing that will effect really much.
  6. AgeNt_

    Help please. Too many T-Junctions.. Possible solutions?

    I would check the folder you had the .smd and .qc to be directed to. Im not sure since I didn't have the problem.
  7. AgeNt_

    CP Alborn Township

    Okay new version is out. Finally in beta! Have fun!
  8. AgeNt_

    Help please. Too many T-Junctions.. Possible solutions?

    propper.fgd and propper.exe have to be in the source 2009 bin instead of the orangebox bin. from there you load up hammer, add the .fgd to the list and it can work. after you are ready, you want to run the map with the .exe it gives you. The recent update broke how textures are implemented in...
  9. AgeNt_

    Multiple Skyboxes?

    I dont know how much experience you have with modeling and whatnot, but you could always make a skydome model and apply a texture to that. 2 problems with this though, its not a sky'box' so the textures in tf2 wont work, and another is its a model, which is kind of hard to get into source if its...
  10. AgeNt_

    CP Alborn Township

    yep, sorry about that, i noticed i forgot to build the cubemaps when i put the level on my laptop. Ill be releasing a new version at the end of the weekend with interiors and stuff detailed more. sorry for the inconvenience!!
  11. AgeNt_

    black lines between brushes

    are the displacements sewed together? overlapping displacements could cause this.
  12. AgeNt_

    CP Alborn Township

    whoops, thanks for that. should be fixed. expect a new version soon.
  13. AgeNt_

    Any tips on fixing the following compile problems?

    Could you paste the errors you are getting? Have you ever merged vertices while in vertex edit mode?
  14. AgeNt_

    There he goes This.
  15. AgeNt_

    Hammer Crashes Every Time I Use the Texture Browser

    Hammer now seems to use up a lot of RAM now. I had the problem where I had 2 levels loaded and nothing came up in the texture browser at all. Turns out it was using up 1.5GB of RAM so that could be your problem.
  16. AgeNt_

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Did you just model those walls for the height map? that would be the more performance-efficient thing to do.
  17. AgeNt_

    Revelations of a Spy

    i dont care who you are, but i want this picture as a background. I love the franchise but i already bought it for xbox.
  18. AgeNt_

    CP Alborn Township

    updated. nothing changed gameplay wise except optimization
  19. AgeNt_

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    changed the lighting a bit to make it a bit cooler and changed the skybox to include some subtle blue sky into it *EDIT* i forgot to turn the sun to fit the skybox, its facing the exact opposite way now. hmmm doesnt look real good now
  20. AgeNt_

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    what would you suggest me try out then? Im trying to keep a fall/autumn like feel to the map. I realize (and now that i look at it) that the harvest skybox isn't the most properly made skybox. infact, its pretty ugly.