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  1. An Icy Mouse


    _a5 is finally out, we can play this wonderful* map together for the first time in 5 months. Today is a good day! I want to do a test (_a5) before going to beta to make sure i've not exploded it somehow. Download it if you have time and take a look around, or better yet, get some people...
  2. An Icy Mouse

    Model The cow update!

    Pictures! Now!
  3. An Icy Mouse


    I did it :D It's finally 100% sealed. :D
  4. An Icy Mouse

    Energy Flow

    Really bad, heres why: -No change of pace through the entire thing, boredom rose exponentially. -There was a sudden increase in the vibrance of the music, but the video stayed slow as ever. -5 minutes of slowmo stuff is only good if the scenes are actually dramatic, most of this wasn't...
  5. An Icy Mouse

    Model Map Holder - Customizable !

    this is what you do, and then you make the other sides nodraw so they're not rendered. no overlays at all, forget that word even exists.
  6. An Icy Mouse

    Citizen's Vote - Second Time Extension

    There was a week added right in the middle, then with a month left, a further month was added. Didn't you notice the timer jumped from 30 to 60??
  7. An Icy Mouse

    Citizen's Vote - Second Time Extension

    Theres already been two extensions already!! Surely theres hype for the end now, to push it back, even by a week would just ruin that. There has been masses of time to get a map well into beta, as proven by icarus spud and jonah. The rest of you, tbh have been slacking!! (As have I) but...
  8. An Icy Mouse

    Model Map Holder - Customizable !

    nope, lighting differences would make that look HIDEOUS. However, if you JUST ship the plain texture one and no extra skin, and provide a transparent overlay template, you can use a transparent texture applied to a func_illusionary (like the cobwebs) and just make it 1 unit thick ever so...
  9. An Icy Mouse


    Good news ladies and gents! I've found some spare time today and am making major progress on sealing up the map, should be completely sealed from the void by mid afternoon and in a compilable state. I then need to get some playerclipping done and fix some broken entities and I can release _a4...
  10. An Icy Mouse

    Hammer vs. Sandbox

    Who is losing in that situation? you make it seem like Zwiffle will be, but really i think you will... the cry engine is one i've yet to see the glory of first hand. But quibbling over engines based on the games made in them is silly. All of the engines have roughly equal playing fields for...
  11. An Icy Mouse

    Contest idea thread!

    Except the ranve of ability in the modelers here is quite large. with most having never even attempted it. I'd be interested in one but likely dont have the time to do anything major. a small prop (<400 polys) might be nice, quick to make models for things like buckets, wall supports, fences ect.
  12. An Icy Mouse

    I return!

    Showing off your juvinility eh? nothing to be proud of. ;)
  13. An Icy Mouse

    L4D2 Achievements Released!

    awww i WISH i had time to buy this game :sniff:
  14. An Icy Mouse

    Vote for Gordon Vs Mario

    voted gordon, looks like he is clearly the winrar! :thumbup1:
  15. An Icy Mouse

    I return!

    if theres anyone here i can't model for, its you. as i said, gotta avoid owls!
  16. An Icy Mouse

    I return!

    At long last I have regained acess to the internet after weeks without it. What will i do with this new found power? who can say? All i know is that I'm hardly going to have any time at all between eating, sleeping, breeding baby mice, studying for my mousey degree in mouse hole construction...
  17. An Icy Mouse

    Your sig is incorrect, it's not a T-rex, they only have two digits, the dinosaur is more likely...

    Your sig is incorrect, it's not a T-rex, they only have two digits, the dinosaur is more likely an allosaurus due to it's smaller size and third 'finger'
  18. An Icy Mouse

    I need some help regarding 3D Skyboxes.

    You didnt run vvis, or you have a leak, or another error causing vvis not ro tun. Make 100% sure you have no leaks (map>load pointfile to find them) and then once vvis has run your water will show up. (this is covered in the stickies and common mistakes btw, shame on you for not looking there)
  19. An Icy Mouse

    This video will make you rage.

    :carve: is abused
  20. An Icy Mouse


    Triple post :( Work going painfully slow right now, I'll be lucky if i have _b1 out with more than 15 days left of the contest.