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  1. seanji

    koth_biggie a3

    my first map ( bad )
  2. seanji

    KotH koth_biggie

    koth_biggie - biggie smalls converted to .bsp format my first map ( bad )
  3. seanji

    CP Villa

    WOW! this map has really grown up since i last looked at it are there any VODs available of this being pugged?
  4. seanji

    The TF2maps team!

    we now need a SPY
  5. seanji

    KotH koth_highbridge

    the bomb feature is a weird fix to reduce camping. you should consider simpler solutions before changing gameplay logic i don't see a problem with camping in center point on koth maps anyway. you might have misread the problem with your map
  6. seanji


    arena_picnic is close enough
  7. seanji

    Why do you love steam convos?

  8. seanji

    Tango's Thrift 'n' Value Store™ is now [OPEN]

    you didn't answer my question. are the cp maps a/d or symm cp?
  9. seanji

    Tango's Thrift 'n' Value Store™ is now [OPEN]

    i'd like to know what i'm purchasing before i download the .vmf. are the cp maps a/d or symm?
  10. seanji

    KotH TeamMates

    You have uploaded the .vmf instead of the .bsp, .vmfs can only be opened in Hammer, while compiled .bsps can be opened in Team Fortress 2
  11. seanji

    Choke Advice

    To add to what Idolon suggested, you can also break sightlines by varying the height of the level. Height variation is always good, and can be used to balance the effectiveness of certain routes
  12. seanji

    KotH koth_excavation

    Your point is extremely low, and your highground is extremely high. In both cp and koth mapping, it's important that a retake is possible, in its current state, defenders will hold the highground and spam down onto anybody that attempts to retake the point. As well as being so high up, the...
  13. seanji

    PL Stallberg

    Something to consider around 3RD and 4TH is the amount of jump-able walls you're providing. Attacking Soldiers struggle to bomb over these while defenders can bomb for free. You could place something across the sky in these areas to limit the effectiveness of bombing.
  14. seanji

    How to design a flank route?

    Flanks aren't necessarily there to bypass the point or the area, but to bypass certain holds. You shouldn't be able to watch a flank from the same angle or position as your main route. You shouldn't be able to rotate instantly between holding the flank and holding the main route. You can easily...
  15. seanji

    Next imp when?

    It's also important that there are enough maps prepared for testing, so make a map!
  16. seanji

    CP cp_grassflats_dev1

    Most classes can't escape the potholes and skate park cps you've designed, forcing them to switch class. You should change this before submitting your map to a testing session ( that is, if you want to do so ).
  17. seanji

    PL Operandi

    Your A1 detailing is very good, especially the pipe patterns and windows. I'd personally replace the two stacked square containers with one rectangular container flipped on its head, if possible.
  18. seanji

    KotH Armory

    Blockbullet your stairs. In their current state, you can shoot through the gaps in them and have your splash eaten by them. You should reduce pixel-gaps like this in general for competitive play. Simplified gameplay is ideal, not to say that gameplay spaces should be ' simple ', but they should...
  19. seanji

    CP Mahogany

    Glowing vampires are a 5cp staple, if they were removed people would think the map was Payload.
  20. seanji

    Designing a KOTH map, unsure of main point area.

    Your point is inside a building? Those doorways coming in from above and below are the only ways into the point? In future, can you prototype these ideas in Hammer when posting to the forums? It's difficult to read anybody's blueprints without lengthy, explicit design details that nobody wants...