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  1. nightwatch

    Puddy's Small Mapping Resource Pack

    Might be cool if the text under the icon said "pd_dispenser"
  2. nightwatch

    [Guide] How to make and playerclip spiral staircases

    Yes, it's the back inner corner to the front outer corner. This is clearly the best way to reduce polygons in your map, but in theory you could prevent the precision loss of those weird corner vertices by reducing each brush into a triangular pyramid (Making it easier to edit later, though you...
  3. nightwatch

    ▶Overwatch Megathread◀

    Looks like an interesting take on the crusader's crossbow, should be fun to try out. I really don't like the idea of the sleep dart though - it seems like every other character is getting an ability that says "Hey, OpposingPlayer#1433, you can just stop playing the game for a bit. See you soon!"
  4. nightwatch

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    The water scale looks off but I could be dreaming
  5. nightwatch

    My thoughts about creativity in game design, Overwatch, and some other stuff

    While this deviates somewhat from your topic, I think it's worth mentioning that another key difference between TF2 and Overwatch is agency. The most hated class is probably the pyro, because it can take away your agency by airblasting. Overwatch has not 1, but many characters that have freezing...
  6. nightwatch

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    I'm confident that the long wait times to enter a game are going to be fixed soon, alleviating at least half the angst. All the various changes are hard to evaluate when the game's unplayable. It would be nice if every update didn't have this problem, but I understand why it does and it usually...
  7. nightwatch

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    Is this a new thing? I couldn't even get into a server last night so I didn't have a chance to play. If it isn't new, then are you playing on windows or on a Unix/Linux system? I can't say I ever remember having an issue with memory and I'm on windows.
  8. nightwatch

    What other things do you need for map making?

    If you're going to include "Intelligence", "Motivation", and "Self-Esteem" then you should add "Humility" as well.
  9. nightwatch

    KotH MannCoMine is the resource people use to determine whether a map name has been taken, if their own memory is inconclusive.
  10. nightwatch

    ▶Overwatch Megathread◀

    I really hope they change up that one Zarya skin that glows red. I won't step over her body in case it's actually a recently deceased junkrat, just waiting to explode on me.
  11. nightwatch

    CP CP Valley

    It's not bad but there are a ton of simple things that would need to be changed just to get it to an enjoyable level. It's up to you whether you want to go through all that or just take what you've learned to another map.
  12. nightwatch

    CP CP Valley

    A few people played your map at the end of a recent impromptu test. You can see their feedback here:
  13. nightwatch

    CP CP Valley

    This map is very promising. I especially like the initial detailing of the brick building outside blue's spawn - it's an interesting direction to go in for sure. There are a few things that could use changes though. To start, your door shutter speeds are quite slow and it's easy for the faster...
  14. nightwatch

    So there was a contest?

    I saw an announcement about it on Most people here don't make jump maps, so I doubt there's many regular users here who have entered.
  15. nightwatch

    How do I record Hammer?

    Have you tried Open Broadcaster Software?
  16. nightwatch

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    I can't help thinking that a few more wallpaper textures would be a great addition to the current library of non-industrial assets in the game. While your scene does look quite nice, my familiarity with the wall textures puts me off because of how memorable they are.
  17. nightwatch

    Effectively using the Vertex tool?

    Stretch your brushes around by dragging the vertices to new locations.
  18. nightwatch


    Some of the claims are so general that they read like a newspaper horoscope. Can anyone imagine a major update without new maps?
  19. nightwatch


    The original post in this thread seems filled with logical inaccuracies. I think it quite likely that the streamer in question is either full of it, or exaggerating based on his own limited knowledge.
  20. nightwatch

    CP Osiris

    Every noticeable change looks like a definite improvement with the exception of the main choke between B and C, which I am undecided on. I suspect it will remain a slight problem area, though the red hold point will be closer to B than it was previously. Testing will tell of course, and I look...