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  1. absurdistof

    Zero G a16c

  2. absurdistof

    Hampshire Heavies: New Map Night - we'll test your maps! Sun 24th May

    I'm sorry to be coming in late like this, let me know if I could still make it into rotation! EDIT: Oops, forgot map name! Map is koth_zero_g_a16c BSP (Google drive) BZ2 (TF2Maps) Thread: 14810 My steam is the same as my name here! (absurdistof)
  3. absurdistof

    KotH Zero G

    New version! Hopefully I can sub this in for the one I already submitted for gameday! Time will tell! Download! This late night/early morning version brings two exciting (terrifying) things: significant revision, and detail. But, no more talk! On to screenshots! Brief Note: Detail -- I wanted...
  4. absurdistof

    EU Gameday - Saturday May 23rd

    koth_zero_g_a16b Thread: 14810 **UPDATED VERSION**: 6174 (Updated) --- Old version below --- Download: 6172
  5. absurdistof

    US Gameday - Saturday May 9th

    koth_zero_g_a15 Thread: Download:
  6. absurdistof

    KotH Zero G

    Alright ok, alright alright ok. New version! Thanks a million for everyone who tested last week, got three with a full 12v12, it was gold, gold I tell you! :O Before anything else, Download Notes for the new version (longer winded, not bullet form) The big goals I had with this version were to...
  7. absurdistof

    US Gameday - Saturday May 2nd

    koth_zero_g_a14 Thread: Download: I hope there's time to play it!
  8. absurdistof

    US Gameday - Saturday April 11th

    koth_zero_g_a13 Thread: 14810 Download:
  9. absurdistof

    KotH Zero G

    Alright, just looked over the playtest data. Thanks for testing all!! Will edit with changes soon. ** EDIT ** New content ahoy! Download The back area was simplified, and the path to the point was removed New spawn entrances into map! I'm hoping this will make camping less of a problem, but...
  10. absurdistof

    EU Gameday - Saturday March 28th

    Map: koth_zero_g_a12b Thread: 14810 Download (.bz2)
  11. absurdistof

    KotH Zero G

    Time to overcome the shame of self-necroposting... Gentlemen, mapperfolk, I bring you a relic of times past! It is time to bring this map through the finish line (which, let's be clear, is still a ways away :O). I'm going to get this back into the testing cycle, and see if some rounds in the...
  12. absurdistof

    [GUIDE] Interest Curves and Intentionality

    It basically is, and it basically is. You're pretty much right :P
  13. absurdistof

    [GUIDE] Interest Curves and Intentionality

    Hi guys, it's been a long time since I've been active here, but I've learned a lot at my college and figured I'd try and give some strategies that have helped me a lot. In my current semester, a lot of my project classes have been looking at game design as a science, not an art. I've picked up...
  14. absurdistof

    I interviewed with Valve today

    Youme have you ever considered Digipen?
  15. absurdistof Mapping Contest #7: Payload (Dynamic element)

    I hope I can actually complete a map for this, but it's going to have to take the backburner to schoolwork :P I almost wish this was posted at the beginning of my break so I could have gotten some smidgen of work done. I'm hoping that I'll be able to sober up and actually make a map based on...
  16. absurdistof

    Limiting classes via map

    I have no idea if it did or not actually :P I'll throw in some pics of the playable areas of the map (in heavy dev), it's not a jump map, it's just a map with the gameplay centered around charging off of jumps.
  17. absurdistof

    Limiting classes via map

    Alright so here's the deal: I'm making a medieval map that's centered around jumping across gaps with the charge n' targe, or the splendid screen. Unfortunately, the map has massive massive sightlines that come as a result of it being based around charging over great gaps to get from A to B...
  18. absurdistof

    Map Idea. PLR - Barber Poles of Hell.

    I feel like this sounds cool in concept, but I think the best way you could incorporate this would be the spiral inside of a building, so that players aren't restricted to playing on the spiral. Also, I hate to be a buzzkill but I think if you do a spiral those tracks will need to be modeled...
  19. absurdistof

    CP Hold the Flag

    I'm interested to see how the 'cap whichever point in whichever order' mechanic will work. In principle, I would predict that giving each team so many objectives to worry about would make for erratic and uncoordinated captures in public games. So from principle I would advise that you give the...
  20. absurdistof

    US Gameday - Tuesday 6th September

    Name: ctf_skyfire_a2 File ID: 4849 Thread ID: 17286 Any time is fine STV: Yes, please.