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  1. Altaco

    track_midcap with neutral skin 1.0 Intended for 2-way payload maps where there can conceivably be a neutral cap point in the middle. Extract to your tf folder.
  2. Altaco

    How much can I bend a 1-way non-entity chute?

    Just have a 1-way door at the bottom of the chute.
  3. Altaco

    An interesting problem with cubemaps.

    All that really does is execute the commands he's already using.
  4. Altaco

    Making an alpha channel in Photoshop

    What you want to do is duplicate your image, place it on a layer below, and smudge the bottom layer outward a bit. Or just use the layer settings to make the alpha mask slightly smaller.
  5. Altaco


    That's a lightbulb.
  6. Altaco

    what are some suggestions for making handrails?

    There are plenty of very nice railing props you could use instead. Just open up the model browser and search for "rail"
  7. Altaco

    killing a wall?

    It really would look nicer if you used a func_door instead of just making it randomly disappear. At least some sort of door rather than a magical wall.
  8. Altaco

    The "I just got a hat" celebration thread

    I'm pretty sure the increased camera beard drop rate was a bug and is now fixed.
  9. Altaco

    Searching for a map

    I think you're looking for dm_store. (it's not very good)
  10. Altaco

    [Trick] Alpine Stairs, any size!

    Yeah, any more than a step or two and that's a hell of a lot of displacements.
  11. Altaco

    TF2 class Boom De Ya Da

    did you rhyme charge with charge?
  12. Altaco

    Business as usual

    Wait, so if Dario's one of the judges for the contest, is he just scoring them or is he giving a written opinion? I'd love to have that.
  13. Altaco

    What do you truly think of him/her?

    Is either some sort of lawn decoration or a pothead, judging by his name.
  14. Altaco


    I normally don't like stuff directly taken from valve maps but this actually looks pretty entertaining.
  15. Altaco

    Spy revolver accuracy

    tr_walkway? also low ping.
  16. Altaco


    Why on earth would you use BMPs?
  17. Altaco

    Major Contest #3 Final Voting Thread

    A/D CTF | Gameflow | Balance | Detaling | Optimization | Style | Comments ctf_vector| 3 | 3 | 5 | 4 | 5 | Beautiful visually. Completely captures a great style. However, I and others have experienced some minor FPS issues. I find the gameplay somewhat lacking though. The beginning areas are...
  18. Altaco

    Funny Farm

    I unlocked "talk show hosts"
  19. Altaco

    Entities Forgetting They're Entities?

    That's correct. I believe the shortcut is Ctrl+W.
  20. Altaco

    Texture Hydrolands Skybox

    Whoa, super nice! What was your process for making it, might I ask?