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  1. Godslayer57

    Arakawa b3 Arena Arakawa (Arena) Author: Daniel 'Godslayer57' House Email: [I have totally forgotten] Red and Blu are once again fighting;typically. They have somehow managed to build two bases right next to each other in order to control the now...
  2. Godslayer57

    ARENA Suijin

    I agree with this statement, temples are cool. Just like Bowties. Looking good so far. Is there more on the inside of the central building?
  3. Godslayer57

    CP alternator

    The Map itself feels rather over scaled and thus has a lot of sightlines I feel. You could cut down the map scale itself and reduce a lot of those sightlines. Also I felt Point C was really hard to get too and hard to capture (as there is literally one entrance unless you can rocket jump...
  4. Godslayer57

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    2. Could be an extreme form of Jarate D: ?
  5. Godslayer57 Major Contest #9 - Mann vs. Machine

    I am surprised I didn't notice this D: Should be something to kill the time ... just have to figure out what I am doing with the enities :3
  6. Godslayer57

    Best non official Halloween maps?

    Has it been a year already since I made that D: I swear I need to get that out into RC before the end of the universe.
  7. Godslayer57

    Site Staff: Open for applications!

    Question: Which Staff have become become inactive / resigned? I ask this as I have kinda been isolated from the events of the living, in the cold hell of job seeking. Other than Frozen who else is there?
  8. Godslayer57

    Sweet Sixteen!

    "I was told there was going to be cake."
  9. Godslayer57

    CTF Dock of the Bay (Super Turbine)

    Not to sound mean or anything but I can see quite a few hl2 textures, which in a tf2 map feel out of place. Such as the metal beams and the ceiling texture.
  10. Godslayer57

    MvM Day One: They Are Legion

    I get the feeling this will be like 'firefight' or what ever you want to call with waves and killing AND THE BRUTAL SLAUGHTER OF ROBOTS! I can't wait
  11. Godslayer57

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    Seems like yyler is into medievil stuff
  12. Godslayer57

    Steam Summer Sale

    I want Mirror's edge to be on 75% sale as it will be £3.25 :3
  13. Godslayer57

    Steam Summer Sale

    We should be bank brothers!
  14. Godslayer57

    TF2 maps drinking game

    When someone complains about the quality of the drink, you drink pure ethanol.
  15. Godslayer57

    SFM megathread

    I must say the entire program is really fantasic for people with lots of creativity... and too much spare time. Also the lipsync is good.
  16. Godslayer57

    SFM megathread

    2,972.5 hours .... Can I has cookie now?
  17. Godslayer57

    SFM megathread

    I got the Source Film Maker. Fear me I have killed Hundreads of heavies.
  18. Godslayer57

    WiP in WiP, post your screenshots!

    You could just have a small door that opens on its own trigger (door is cat sized) that makes a noise and opens when people pass.
  19. Godslayer57

    This is a lot larger than expected

    Place it on your head and wear it as a hat.... with pride
  20. Godslayer57

    Overlay Danger: Warning - Sign pack

    Danger spies